So today interns Adriana and Natalie collaborated for a piece highlighting trends on the London scene. By scouring hot fashion sites GlamCanyon, Style Slicker, and Hoy Photo Blog, they came up with some great examples.
Thanks, interns, for kicking off one of the Fashion Bomb’s first international posts!
Hey FB’ers!
Adriana here to give you a super quick rundown of some of London’s most popular fashion trends!
The First: Ladylike looks influenced by the styles of the 1940s:

…this look is characterized by pencil skirts, bows, Betty Grable-esque shorts, peep-toe shoes, and clutches. Natalie confirms, “This summer, sophisticated with sass seems to be the rule.” Alright!
Second Trend: world fashion and ethnic prints:
…Natalie says, “To experiment with shapes we go for a more Asian look with sari patterns and pop on belts to add some structure.” Chunky jewelry and flat leather sandals also complement the look.
Trend # 3: Two-toned hair, neon colors, throwback shades, and funky earrings:

…this look is a combination of the styles of rapper MIA and singer Kelis who enjoys tremendous UK popularity.
Lastly, a look at London fashion would be incomplete without mentioning one of England’s grandest traditions: women’s hats.
…The annual Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot races (one of England’s most touted social events) is also a showcase for some of Europe’s hottest millinery designers, including Philip Treacy, VV Rouleaux, and Cherry Chau.
That does it for my quick rundown! Many special thanks to my fellow intern Natalie for her valuable input and assistance!

Looks cool! Hey you London readers: Did Adriana and Natalie get it right?
Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Intern Post: London Trends”

  1. she did get the trends about right but forgot to add the dirty grunge, herione chic look favoured by winehouse and prarie dresses but good effort. LDN is always good for fashion there are no trends as such

  2. The hat and prints are spot on. But the one thing I never got over was the ripped black stockings and denim shorts all year round in all parts of London but esp. in the West End.

  3. Love the trend alert. I so happen to be rockin the MIA look today sans jacket. :)

  4. hi claire, this post was great. i love your site–we were both recently in the must reads over at coutorture –would love to exchange links. let me know if you’re interested. thanks!

  5. Not a London reader but I know they certainly got those looks right especially the hats. I LOVE the ladylike look.Fab!

  6. I am not a Londonite either, but I have notices that African-inspired prints have been getting a lot of love recently–even at Target.

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