Hey Guys,
So intern Suzie stepped in to show me how fuchsia’s really done. Read on…
Suzie here, just wanting to share with you guys my favorite color of the summer: fuchsia!
Claire, did such a wonderful job with whetting your palates with this fashion forward color. Here I am to serve the entree.
I love the follow looks:
Check out Misa Hylton(in the middle).

You can purchase her tunic at her website, www. madisonstarcouture.com. It retails for $349.

Cameron Diaz shows us how it’s done in a fuchsia gown with contrasting accessories…

Solange likes it short and hot in this thigh skimming club banger…

And Rihanna teases with a simple fuchsia accent…

While this color is amazing when put together correctly, just know your limit or it can be a disaster. Like this…

She knows she was wrong. Just dead wrong.
I hope you guys are inspired to pick up this spicy color. When you’re feeling down it’s a sure pick me up! Always remember…dress to impress.
Hope that wasn’t too much of one color for one day:)

4 thoughts on “Intern Post: Fuchsia Fun 2”

  1. I think Avril meant to be bad. I’m sure she’d much rather be wearing shirts and a tie but everyone hassled her for that so now she’s trying to be girl while still saying screw you!

  2. I love the kimono sleeves on that Madison Couture dress; points to Cameron Diaz for a cool idea – it never would have occurred to me to combine turquoise and fuchsia, but it works!

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