So I promised that in the New Year I’d take the Fashion Bomb international. While I meant that would involve me traveling the world delivering hot fashion on a platter, we luckily have a few international readers who are willing to take the reigns (for now).
Our first intern post of the year is from Natalie, a London resident and Fashion Bomb fanatic, who wanted to spread the word about UK designer Jay Wilson.
Hi all Fashion Bomb Readers, this is Natalie a London Intern! I’m representing for all you international readers. Well, here goes…
As another season of Big Brother breaks out, so does another YOUNG talented designer…
Jay Wilson!
Jay is a 19 year old fashion designer and student at Central Saint Martins. He hails from South East London, and is also currently on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack with a full house of talented housemates.
Jay has made many achievements in the fashion world at a young age and in a short period of time. He may be a student, but he’s had his collections shown at Caribbean and New York Fashion Week.

His two main lines are Jay Wilson and B.L.I.N.D. which is an acronym for Be Loved In Notorious Doses. B.L.I.N.D. is to his Ready-to-Wear collection while the Jay Wilson line looks to be more haute-couture.
A few looks from Jay’s Autumn/Winter Collection titled “The Dress Up Box”:
He likes neutral colors, and mixes it up with casual styles like hoodies…
Adds dashes of colour to brighten up the fabric…
And plays with mixing two styles together like shift dresses with bubble hems…
…and puff sleeves with bubble hems.
His Spring/Summer Collection, “ A Mother’s Love For Her Child,” was shown at New York Fashion Week 2006:

He loves brighter neutral colours accented by gold and straight cuts (I love the chains on the bag)…
Flaunts dresses with big bows on the shoulders with hanging empire lines…
And showcases dresses in fair colours to highlight feminine ruffles and paneling details…
Jay Wilson is planning his third collection and the launch of B.L.I.N.D. in March 2008.
Check him out on his blog (www.jaywilsonbelieves.blogspot.com) or on his website (www.jaywilsonbelieves.com).
Thanks for reading!

Thanks Natalie!

So what did you think? Is Jay Wilson the bomb?

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Frye Adrienne High Heel Oxford, $79 from $158, shopbop.com
*In case you were wondering…
this is how you dress to sit front row at a Fashion Show. Yes, I’m taking notes…
(PS It’s Dita Von Teese, Claudia Schiffer, and Victoria Beckham at the Roland Mouret Haute Couture show in Paris.)

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  1. that jay fella is fly i like his look i am definately feelin him, and his marron and black dress that issh is boss.

  2. It’s fresh. I like it as art but not so much as actual clothing for anyone, models included.

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