Hey Guys,
So third and final TFB intern, Suzie, provided us with the last intern post for the week. Enjoy!

Suzie here! I am a born and bred Brooklynite, always on the lookout for the latest, wildest trends. I work in corporate America, so this post is for all my business chicks trying to add eclectic, wild and fun to conservative and stiff. I am into some really funky designers and lines like Free People, and A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz, Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferrati, and Luisa Beccaria (such fun colors). I have had a secret passion for fashion since I saw Diana Ross in Mahogany, and now I hope to bring it to the limelight, baby!!
While there is nothing wrong with a black suit…

…sometimes a punch of color is very necessary.
Tracee Ellis Ross sports a work appropriate look…

…and rocks colors that complement one another without being overpowering.
Need more workplace ideas? Take a look at these powerful divas:

These ladies rock a conservative look that still manages to look fierce.
Another thing to think about: day to night wear. A club appropriate strapless dress like the one Bre’s wearing here….

… can easily become business attire with a blazer, preferably in the same color and a pair of hot stilettos.
And the clutch? Use a cosmetics bag. But not just any old thing! After work I simply take my Louis Vuitton Cosmetic bag, wipe it down, stuff some essentials in, and am ready to go, go, go, go….

Rev up your workplace wardrobe with the following pieces…

Slim skirt with Satin kick pleat back, $82.99, www.catchafireclothing.com.

Beachside Camisole, $10.80, www.forever21.com.

3″ Filigree earrings, $12.99, www.girlprops.com.
And remember to always dress to impress! You never know who you’ll meet!

Thanks Suzie!
Alright, so what do you think. Did the interns turn it out? I think they did…
PS Need more workplace wardrobe ideas? I did a post about it here.
PSS Stay tuned for Friday Mail Bombs!

5 thoughts on “Intern Chic Sheet : Slick Boardroom Style”

  1. OMG!!! This is what I’m talking about. I loved this post. I work in corporate at a publishing company and Forever 21 is not going to cut it. I practically live in Saks and really appreciated a post that that geared to higher end lines for work such as A.B.S., Free People and Theory.

  2. great post! The interns are keeping it coming.

    I love that suit that Kelly was wearing, too.

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