Intern contestant Vuitton suggested we start a new section called Daily Bread. Here’s his post!
Hey Guys!
So of course we’re always on the lookout for exciting finds–we’re sure you guys are too! In love with those shoes you just bought? What about that statement clutch that will leave the kids gagging? Show it off here!


“…We’ve come up with a new section of the site where you guys can post pics along with the details of your latest buys. Whether you bought it because you had a rough day, or you just needed something new in your closet, post it here!”
Devon says, “I realized I didn’t have a brown leather watch, so in light of this recession, I didn’t want to go crazy. So I hopped on over to Guess and picked this one up for $125…”
Sheryl says,After a rough week at work, I thought I could use a little retail therapy, so I bought this cute babydoll dress from”
I like.
Would you be down for Daily Bread?