Candidate Suzy thinks we at the Fashion Bomb could mix in more home decor with our fashion finds. Here’s her post:
Now that it is officially 2009, I have made a New Years Resolution to expand my fabulousity beyond my wardrobe. Let’s face it, most fashionistas have plenty of clothes but shouldn’t our homes reflect the same creativity and style? Here are ten home decor finds for under $100 ( for the recessionista of course):


1. Ikea Wall Poster, $12. 2. 7 Piece Cookware Set, $49. 3. Glacier Glassware Set of 4, $20. 4. Script Flower Small Round Table, $32. 5. Veiled Jewel Chandelier, $90. 6. Coming and Going Coat Rack, $68. 7. Exotic Retreat Table Lamp, $40. 8. Paulina Pillow, $20. 9. Multicolor Sunburst Wall Clock, $40 10.Large Canopy, $87.
Cool Idea!
Would you guys like to see more fashionable home items?