Today we have an entry from Mississippi diva Ashley, who proposed that we do Style Files with a throwback twist. In her intro letter, she said, “As a monthly feature, “Vintage Style,” would feature a fabulous look from the past, a modern way to rock it, and items along with their retailers where the pieces can be found!” For her post, she chose to profile classic Southern Belle, Whitley Gilbert. Enjoy!


“1987’s Cosby show spin-off A Different World was initially intended to be a vehicle for bohemian beauty Lisa Bonet. While we enjoyed Denise Huxtable’s antics for awhile, the show was inevitably stolen by the almost eerily polished Jasmine Guy. For six seasons southern debutante Whitley Gilbert (nee Wayne!) sashayed across the fictional Hillman College in an array of fur coats, Italian leather pumps, Louis bags, and a sickening arsenal of Chanel suits. The messages the show delivered were always positive (who else still watches the re-runs?) and more often than not punctuated with a chic look from their resident Southern Belle. Whitley’s wardrobe consisted of classics that would be appropriate in any situation and, most importantly, were timeless. The show ended in 1993, but Whitley’s style, as Mademoiselle herself would say, remains.
Want Whitley’s classic look, but with a modern flair? Try these cute (and affordable) pieces:”

1. Go International Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, $6. 2. Baby Rib Long Sleeve Turtleneck, $27. 3. Textured Metal Elastic Bracelet, $10. 4. Double Bead Necklace, $9. 5. Victorian Portrait Ring, $7. 6. Vintage Chanel 2.55 Quilted Bag, $2,250* 7. Diamondnet Fishnets (In Black), $9.50. 8. Skinny Minnie Belt Bright, $12.
*(Ok, I snuck one splurge in with the Chanel, but follow the link to borrow or steal it!)”
Ok, I love this idea! Imagine the other Vintage Styles we can profile: Diana Ross, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker…I love it.
Would it work as a new feature?

33 thoughts on “Intern Candidate Ashley: Vintage Style”

  1. I’ll be honestly I feel indifferent about who to vote for LOVE all the ideas can defo see effort, I’m undecided because of the girl Vintage Style, Beauty Bomb and Home Decor well done ladies they should all be on!!

    I’m feeling the Daily Bread though I think it’s missing some flair or spice…

    Good luck to all!!

    p.s. I have no clue who to vote for

  2. i love the idea. But i can’t help but wonder…is this contest really fair? I mean the people who post later can see who/what was posted b4 and read their feedback, thus improving their own chances for sucess.idk….maybe i don’t understand the rules.

  3. Ally, everyone submitted their ideas for new features and write ups at the same time. I’m publishing them at different times, but no one has a leg up, or any opportunity to change or alter what they originally turned in. It’s as fair as I can make it. Enjoy…

  4. I likey! And very economical. A weekly Vintage review could shine new light on some oldies but goodies in the back of our closets. Throwback chic gets my vote as well.

  5. I love the vintage, scratch the beauty. There are too many beauty websites, but this site is called Fashion Bomb…to add makeup makes it too much.

    I love the idea though, but i read this site completely for the fashion.

  6. I love this idea!! It’s the best one so far!! I love old style because it’s usually classy!! Can’t wait to see Cher and Dion!!!

  7. ohh i love this! i was looking for inspiration for an outfit for an event this weekend and i’ve definitely found it…great post!

  8. completely agree with moni. i’d like it to stick with the fashion aspect and this is the best idea that i’ve seen!

    it MUST stay!

  9. I LOVE this idea! A lot of styles have come full circle and I would be nice to see where a lot of them originated from and to have the opportunity to purchase something similar would be great!

    Please do not add a beauty element. Myself and a lot of women of color do not wear a lot of make up and I anticipate that feature being scrolled over by most people. And like someone else said, this is the Fashion Bomb and I think it should just stick to that. Props to all that contributed though! :-)

  10. I agree..too much ashion would be a bore.There are lots o beauty blogs if someone needs that. Shake Your Beauty is a good one. Anyway, I love the vintage style idea (who doesn’t love a throwback;ironically i just bought this skirt from target last week. It runs a litle small for those interested in purchasing it.

    Also, I liked the home idea since I’m always trying to have my place look as fly as me…kudos to all the contestants, but those were my faves..smooches

  11. This is a great feature..I love it! What a way to pay homage to the fashionistas that came before and get ideas for ourselves!

  12. I will comment and say props to this post. Like a states before the Beauty/Home Decor posts will get redundant soon. But this could turn in to something really nice, not only profiling past style trends, you can do a write-up on how to vintage shop, future vintage trends that may come up. This subject has the opportunity to be something very useful to the Fashion Bomb Blog. Kuddos!

  13. I feel like this is becoming a contest between Ashley and Vuitton. And I do like this vintage idea as everyone else has commented. Countless post can be made about each decade, innumerable fictional characters, and famous people.

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