By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs)


Being in college and low on funds, I learned to “make do with what I have”. Halloween costumes sold at stores are kind of expensive, typically running from $30 to almost $80 in some cases. Creating your own costume is honestly cheaper and more fun than buying one already put together for you because you get to add your own flare and creativity. DIY costumes have grown in popularity over the years as people have been going ALL types of extremes to achieve the looks of their favorite characters, memes, and celebrities! I noticed that Rihanna and Lil’ Kim’s looks over the years appear the most on the streets during Halloween because they have carry such huge influences in the fashion industry. Kim and Rih have given us such daringly sexy looks that have always turned heads and stuck in our minds which is why they are labeled as fashion icons. Each year, everyone goes all out every year trying to mimic their most iconic looks. Let’s get into this year’s best recreations!

Lil Kim has long been viewed as a fashion icon by supplying us what her bold and sexy looks. She blessed us with her 4 infamous outfits from “Crush on You” where she dressed in the colors red, blue, yellow, and green, providing us with 4 timeless and iconic looks. And let’s not forget the infamous purple jumpsuit with the seashell pasty outfit from the 1999 VMA. I have seen many people dress up like Kim on Halloween. Last year on Halloween, Beyonce even paid homage by dressing up as five of Kim’s famous looks. But let’s take a look at this year’s DIY Lil Kim looks:

Ann Wynn (@ann.wynn) as Kim modeling for Baby Phat Lingerie in 2000


Kimberly Jenner (@poshspiiiice) as Kim at the 1999 VMAs.

Monae Bynum (@hiiimoe) as Kim being styled Misa Hylton


Arianna Garcia (@makeupari_) as Kim at the Tommy Hilfiger “Rock Style” exhibit at the Met in 1999


Paola (@mira_xoo), Natacha (@nlrmxo), Asha (@ashamonnae),

and Chanel (@chanelrich_) channeling their inner Kim vibes

by recreating all 4 looks from the “Crush on You” video

Now, we ALL love us some Rih Rih. From her unique street style to her glamorous red carpet looks, Rihanna has long been viewed as fashion icon. Though the Navy is waiting on new music, they have been fulfilling their needs through purchases of her Fenty Beauty and Savage Fenty products. Not to mention, they have been fueling their cravings through their amazing recreations of her most notorious looks from Coachella to 2018’s Heavenly Bodies Met Gala. Even MUA, Jackie Aina, got in on the fun!


Tamara Dhia (@tamaradhia) as Rih at her Anti release party in 2016


Amanda Jane (@janeinthewild) as Rihanna at Coachella in 2017


Jonathan Paul (@jawhar_paulo) as Rihanna at the 2018 Met Gala


A fan dressed as Rihanna at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


@binbindo as Rihanna at Coachella 2018


Jackie Aina (@jackieaina) as Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA Awards

with Angel Merino (mac_daddyy) and Jade Marie (@jadeywadey180)

at Halsey’s Halloween party over the weekend

We all love us some vintage Kim and can’t hide the fact that she gave ageless looks that greatly influence the fashion industry today. Rihanna is building an empire all the while still sprinkling her fashion influence with her effortless street style and award show looks. Even I look up to these women for style inspiration, and judging by how they are plastered across mood boards and social media platforms, I am clearly not the only one inspired by the two. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes and celebrity recreations yesterday as the official spooky holiday has come to an end. You all never cease to amaze me and I cannot wait to see what you guys will be next year.

Who had your favorite look? 



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