Being a part of the fashion industry means having a chance to release your creativity. If you have an extraordinary vision, then you should consider a career in the world of fashion. But note that to be successful in this field, you need to get a decent education. There are numerous types of fashion degrees available today. You can pursue a program in Fashion Design, Fabric Styling, Textile Development and Marketing, Marketing for the Fashion Industries, etc. However, no matter what academic path you choose, you will need to go through a challenging enrollment process. 

One of the key elements of your application is a personal statement. And perhaps this is also the hardest one. Just think, you are expected to sum up your entire identity within 4,000 characters only. What’s more, you must feel pressure from upcoming deadlines, which makes you even more confused. So if you are worried about writing a successful personal statement, keep reading the article! Below, you will find some recommendations on creating a paper that will help you achieve your most ambitious goals. 

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Demonstrate your interest 

Most importantly, you should show in your personal statement that you really care about the subject. In its essence, a personal statement is a paper that tells a story about why you’ve decided to commit yourself to studying fashion. Your ultimate goal is to persuade admission officers that you are truly passionate about the program you are applying for. To do this, you can write about the things that excite you in the fashion industry and explain where your interest comes from. Be sincere with admissions staff when sharing your anticipation of the studies. 

Mention transferable skills

Naturally, most courses won’t require you to have specific experience. Nobody expects a huge amount of academic knowledge from you because you are going to be taught everything after enrollment. However, instructors are still looking to see how well you will adapt and contribute to their course. Therefore, you need to tell them what soft skills you have. To be precise, check course descriptions to identify the most relevant soft skills, like the ability to work effectively with a group, leadership, time-management, communication, and so on. Once you know what will be considered as an advantage, find examples and provide evidence for each skill from your life. Also, explain how everything you’ve mentioned will help you in college and even in your future fashion career.

Prove your engagement

It’s not enough just to write how passionate you are about fashion. If you want your application to be taken seriously, show your engagement. How to do it? According to the experts from the UK’s leading personal statement writing service, you can mention your voluntary experience at fashion shows or reference your fashion-related hobbies. If you list some books you’ve read on the topic or online courses you’ve completed, it will also add you points. Sometimes, students even tell about fashion blogs they follow or events they visit, and it works! Even such things can be an indicator of your engagement. But note that it’s really important to explain how everything you’ve mentioned intersects with your course and long-term life goals. 

Tell about desirable future

Sometimes, getting into the university of your dreams may feel like the destination. However, it’s not really true. Education is only the beginning of your career path. In fact, admission officers want to see how you are going to use your degree. This will help them understand if the course you’ve chosen is really a good match for you. Instructors appreciate it when applicants have the drive and vision for the future. So make a plan for 5-10 years after your graduation and briefly share it in your personal statement. This will boost your chances of being accepted. 

Be your true self

The Internet is full of templates for personal statements. However, using one of them won’t make your paper unique. And this is one of the most important requirements to all applicants. All submissions are always checked for similarity, don’t rely on someone else’s work. You must always write your statement in your own words. Don’t be afraid of opening your true self. Admission officers want to see your real identity, so you shouldn’t pretend to be someone you are not. 

Final thoughts

Writing a personal statement is one of the most responsible steps of the application process. In fact, it can make or break your academic future. Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to write a winning paper and get into the course you dream about.

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Cory Shilling is a study coach whose main responsibility is to help students be enrolled in the top UK universities. Cory accompanies young people on their way to a prestigious degree. Apart from that, Cory works as an academic writer at one of the leading assignments writing services in Britain.