During summer we usually go straight to our strappy sandals or favourite open-toed shoes, but boots can be just as stylish. The truth is you do not need to stick to strict fashion rules. The best kind of fashion is daring and bold! And trends are created by people trying to break the mould, so do not worry about the rules. Sometimes the weather is just not warm enough to be able to wear sandals or you need a sturdier shoe for those unexpected summer showers! The range of boots at Missguided means you’ll always have the right shoe whatever the weather might be doing! In the meantime, let’s explore how to wear boots in the summer.

Ankle boots with summer dresses

You probably have a lot of breezy summer dresses to keep you cool during hot weather but you could pair these with a pair of ankle boots to mix it up a little bit – this helps to toughen up your look a little bit and keep you comfortable if you are planning on being on your feet all day. Shorter hemlines help to balance ankle boots best – mini dresses or above-the-knee cuts with brown or black ankle boots will also create a timeless look.

Get grungy with some buckled boots

90s fashion has had a serious resurgence in the past couple of years, so this summer is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of early 90s grunge into your outfits by wearing some chunky buckle boots. These boots go great with denim shorts, ruffle dresses or fashionable midi skirts and give your usual floaty summer look a little edge – it also makes it easy to transition into your autumn wardrobe by swapping out summery shapes and shades for darker denim and incorporating some tights.

Keep your look light

A great way to ensure your boots still fit with a more typical summer style is to counteract the harshness of the boots by keeping your clothing light and bright. This is a great opportunity to go over the top with your outfit and wear your brightest, floaty dress or a cute flowery top whilst keeping the whole ensemble balanced with a pair of stylish chunky boots.

Add boots to your summer workwear

Getting dressed for work in the summer is a difficult task and one of the biggest issues is picking out the right shoes! You can easily wear your summer dresses to the office by just adding a blazer or tailored jacket but usually, you cannot get away with flips flops and sandals at work. So simply swap those sandals for a pair of tan boots to make your chosen summer outfit a little more practical and work appropriate. Neutral-toned ankle boots really compliment summer prints and look great with midi or tiered dresses. Boots are also a sensible option for anyone who needs to commute.

Boots and Denim

Denim is appropriate all year round whether it’s jeans, shorts, dresses, or jumpsuits – denim is always in. If you do not already have one, you need to invest in a good denim jacket to wear over your summer dresses. Neutral toned boots like camel pointed ankle boots or tan Chelsea boots work perfectly with light wash or bleached denim.