Fashionistas all across the globe will agree with us that rocking the edgy style is not a matter of joke, and people who can do it with ease are true fashion queens! 

As the fashion standards are ever-evolving, many people are not in the mood to try out the bold, grunge, pop-culture look that was a rage during the 80s and the 90s, even in the noughties. Today, people are more interested in chic and subtle. They are more into trying out aesthetics, having a hint of rock n roll with just one feature highlighting the entire look. 

Today, fashion-forward ladies love to team up a sterling silver chain and rings with tight leather pants, boots, and a jacket maybe. This is what creates an exquisite “edgy” look.  

Wondering how to decode the concept of “edgy” fashion and rock it like a pro? Well, here are some invaluable tips for you.

You cannot just separate edgy fashion from skin-tight jeans. 

Go for distressed, mineral washed, or coated jeans, and make sure that your sophisticated boots or canvas sneakers are visible. You can wear a casual band tee-shirt to show off your wild artistic side, but in case you are planning to visit a fancy place, we will suggest you wear a party top along with some sterling silver accessories. To complete the look, you can try out a messy bun. 

Make your edgy look classy with a cropped leather jacket. 

Whether it is an A-line avant-garde taffeta or a tulle dress, you can always pair it up with a sexy leather jacket. Style your oversized shirt or shirt dress with your very own black leather jacket. The leather jacket is a must-have if you want to get the edgy-look right. 

Go bold in a bralette!

Love to show off your sexy midriff? Why not? Just grab your favorite black bralette, and black jeans for more drama, add a sheer black trench coat, and make the look stand out by adding sterling silver chain, nose rings, finger rings, knuckle rings, and ear studs. Be rest assured, this look is bound to grab the attention of the people around you. You can also wear a tank top or black camisole, a black crop top. 

Going badass is your mantra!

Add badass stuff to your edgy wardrobe like a pair of studded boots, grommet handbag detailing done with chain, and so on. The edgy outfit looks best with bold and sexy Accessories, and the best part is you don’t have to put on heavy makeup to rock the look. If you have an oversized cardigan, nothing like it! These bold accessories go with almost everything such as an LBD, jeans, of course, a baggy t-shirt, and more. 

Can you imagine an edgy look without edgy jewelry? 

No, of course. So, try out some pieces of edgy jewelry made of sterling silver or gold to complement your edgy style. You can pick up the street style and combine it with your edgy look to create your statement. Let the heads turn, and the jaws drop!