In today’s world, it’s often hard to pay attention to how we look. Let’s face it, we all want to look bright and fresh every day, but it is also important to take care of our skin and overall health so that we stay vibrant and refreshed!

Here are some beauty hacks that’ll keep you looking fresh even after a long, tiring week!

  • Before sleeping, always take off your makeup! Using Micellar water is easy. Simply rinse your face after with a face wash suitable to your skin type. Coconut oil also works well to wipe makeup off.
  • Castor oil is known for its moisturising properties and helps elongate eyebrows and lashes. Use it to combat dry and dull skin.
  • Hydrate yourself! We all know drinking plenty of water makes us glow as it takes out all the toxicity from your skin, fights dryness and acne, and keeps us energised. 
  • Follow a skincare regimen religiously. Stick to tried and tested products that work for you. Experimenting is fun, but only when needed. 
  • Putting on some highlighter gives a glowing look, so incorporate that in your makeup routine. Check out these highlighter tips for a glowing skin.
  • Include plenty of fruit in your diet. Vitamins and fibers keep the skin rejuvenated.
  • Use natural facial mists to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Make sure you are stress free. A healthy mind makes you beautiful.
  • Getting proper hours of sleep will keep you fresh in the morning and stress-free throughout the day. Yes, sleep-deprivation is almost inevitable and it results in dark circles, dullness, and puffiness. An all natural eye lift cream can be the perfect fix for this!
  • Peachy and rosy shades of blush can make you look cheerful, so incorporate the right shade of blush in your makeup routine.
  • Retinoids are a form of vitamin A and are known to reduce acne and wrinkles, and increase blood flow in the skin. You can easily find retinoids in creams, lotions, or tablets.

We are so consumed by our busy routines that we forget to look after ourselves, which becomes a source of unhappiness for us. It is completely alright to take out ten minutes every other day to practice self-care. You deserve it.