You’ve studied for your AZ-400 exam and you feel you already know the required stuff. But do you really understand the material? Are you ready to face your test? To find out the answer, you have to assess yourself before the big day.

In this post, we give you the pointers to use when you wish to determine if you’re completely prepared for exam AZ-400: Designing and implementing DevOps Solutions that directly relates to the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert badge. 

3 Steps to Gauge Your Readiness for AZ-400 Exam

Hannah D says, The outline of AZ-400 includes several topics that vary from developing an SRE strategy to implementing continuous delivery to creating security and compliance plans and many more. All these concepts can’t be mastered through cramming — you need to understand them to pass exam test. Harley E And here are 3 steps that proved to be useful:

  1. Test yourself on the exam content

Harlow F says, To define your level of readiness, you can answer quizzes from your study guide or download dumps that allow you to answer the questions in an interactive manner. Dumps are popular among candidates as they involve actual tasks from the past tests with detailed explanations. Thus, they are a reflection of the actual AZ-400 assessment and can give you a good picture of it. And the results you’ll get in these trial attempts will tell you if you’re prepared enough.

  1. Explain what you’ve learnt to someone else

Harmony G says, Another way to boost your knowledge is to explain the material you’ve studied to somebody else. If it is your colleague who is aware of the theme you’re speaking about, you’ll receive good feedback on your grasp. On the other hand, it can be a person who isn’t familiar with the topic. Then, if you manage to explain the concepts until they understand, then that is a good indication that you’re good enough to sit for AZ-400 exam.

  1. Use flashcards

Harold H says, You can also create flashcards in either paper or digital format. Use them to test your knowledge by explaining what’s written on them: if you know the information on the flashcard, set it aside from those whose information you don’t know or you are not sure if you are right. Doing so, you’ll have a pile for the ‘YES’ cards and one for the ‘NO’ cards. Then, go back to the latter and study those themes again. Make sure you don’t stop until you’ve mastered all the concepts.


Harper I says, Before you appear for Microsoft AZ-400, you need to check your readiness a few days to the exam so that you can polish the places that still need your attention. You can choose to go for flashcards, dumps, or even explain your knowledge to someone else. Realizing your strengths and weaknesses in good time will help you work on them. In the end, you save yourself from failing the test. So, get to know how good you are and then go ahead to pass your AZ-400 and acquire the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential!


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