Flattering your figure can be challenging, especially if you desire clothes that look better on other frames. Every body type is unique and beautiful, but certain styles might look great on one body type and less flattering on another. You don’t have to change your figure, but rather look for apparel pieces that work with your body rather than working against it. No matter what body type you have, you can style it with ease using this guide.

Pear-Shaped Figure

The pear-shaped figure is inherent among women and features prominent hips and thighs with a more petite upper body. You can draw attention to your upper half by wearing bold prints, patterns, and colors up top. A wide neckline can also make your shoulders look wider. Look for tops with sweetheart or boat necklines. 

Layering can also help when your upper body is smaller than your lower body. Include a longer top that hits at the widest part of your hips and pair it with dark bottoms to draw attention to your upper half.

Round (Apple) Figure

A round figure features a defined upper body with a more petite lower body and no clearly defined waistline. If you fit into this category, you can show off your legs while keeping your appearance more neutral up top to draw the eye downward. 

Simple, streamlined tops and jackets flatter this body type. Slim-fit dresses and skirts that hit at or just above the knee also look great. If you’re going casual, try a pair of straight-leg jeans with a loose-fitting top.

Rectangular or Athletic Figure

When your figure is rectangular, you might wear a similar size on the top and bottom because your hips and shoulders are straight and aligned. The rectangular body type is also called the athletic shape. You might not have a clearly defined waist, but you can use your clothing choices to create the illusion of one.

Look for belted styles, including jackets with belts at the midsection and high-waisted trousers. Steer clear of straight, sharp styles, such as a straight-fit jacket with straight-legged bottoms. Instead, opt for softer fabrics and styles that nip in around the waist to create more definition.

Tall and Lean

If you’re looking for fashion tips for tall women, we’ve got you covered. Finding pants that are long enough might be a challenge. Look for brands that offer bottoms with varying inseam lengths. Tops with three-quarter-length sleeves also look great on the taller ladies, while belted and elongated jackets help to flatter the figure with definition and horizontal lines. 

Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure includes hips and shoulders that are similar in size to the waist. A clearly defined waist is what differentiates the hourglass frame from the rectangular figure. Look for apparel pieces that accentuate your waist, such as belted tops and mid-rise bottoms. Baggy and billowy clothes can overwhelm an hourglass frame, so sticking to more fitted clothing will help showcase your curves. 

No matter what body type you have, you can undoubtedly find stylish clothing pieces that flatter and complement your figure. With the right apparel, it’s easy to put together an outfit that helps you feel confident and proud of the way you look.