Sense of style is an attribute that all of us have. We have the freedom to be as trendy, as elegant, and as comfy or as much as we like, whether it’s aesthetic or not.

You can’t learn or acquire a sense of style; it’s something we’re born with, something that develops as we grow up. How we dress shows that as time passes, everything evolves and matures with us.

Why Do You Need to Have Your Style

The latest trends sweep us off our feet, the features of “it” and what everybody else wears. It is vital, however, that we merge and integrate our personality into our style. And besides, what’s the point of carrying short hair because everyone else has it, or wanting a jacket just because Gigi Hadid shot a Vogue shoot in a similar piece?

There’s no greater pleasure than carrying Capri pants because you admire how your body looks in it or the soft green jumper because you like how your hair color complements it. Or you make patches to embellish your jeans so you can define your own sense of personality. 

For style, the only requirement is to be yourself. Faking or replicating someone that you’re not will be cheating on your sense of self. To be an incredible something, you will have to value your individuality to be a chic something. 

If you are still struggling to figure out your style that can define you precisely, here are our hints that can help you discover it.

  1. Comprehend Your Body

Awareness is authority. So what kind of body you have and what works for you is the first thing you will need to learn. You can purchase the right clothes to either enhance or cover stuff if you clearly understand your body type and its strengths and weaknesses. 

Usually, there are five body types. 

  1. Pear shape 
  2. Apple shape
  3. Rectangle shape
  4. Hourglass Hourglass shape
  5. Triangle 

By going through this section, you will recognize your body type and then comply with your particular body type rules.

You can sit down and think about the ideal silhouette you want to create and construct a compatible outfit once you’ve learned that.

2. Understand Your Personality

Note down some expressions that represent your character. How can you define it at the current time? Do you think that your personality is reflected in your style?

Take a close look at some individual scenarios to discover your style. Identify Colors that Inspire you. Colors can have a massive impact on your look and how you think, as well. Do understand your concern about those colors.

If you don’t use much color in your current style, you can begin to try different things by introducing bits of colors through accessories to see how they make you feel.

Ask yourself when shopping, what are the first things that gravitate you? What things do you look at first after walking into your favorite store? Do you feel a pull in the direction of those lightweight summer dresses? Or is that cleverly tailored blazer screaming your name, perhaps? 

It will help you understand which types you like and most likely wear by noticing the natural gravitation towards one form of clothing over another. You might enjoy a more casual or comfortable style if you often find yourself in front of the denim section.

Look for other clothes inspired by casual or streetwear that mimic your go-to jeans’ laid-back mood.

3. Save the Styles that Inspire You   

Strive to get a photo and paste it into a note or scrapbook or pin it on Pinterest if you see someone dressed up as you admire.

After a little while, you can see a trend of what kind of designs you like establishing. Before heading for the newest fashion trend, keep track of your record, and remember the style.

4. Be Mindful of your Present Closet

Be honest about the clothes you REALLY want in your wardrobe. How many clothes have you not seen in a looooong time? How many ‘poor decisions’ there were. Note down what didn’t seem to work, once again. The clothes that make you HAPPY?

Then start donating or selling any items that you feel aren’t really working for you. They might be great pieces, but you won’t look cool in them if they don’t fit YOU or your body type or build the silhouette you are after.

Please ensure that your closet includes all the essential materials for your style.

If you get a better idea of what you want and what suits you from all of the above, you need to decide if you have the basic necessities required for your specific style.

For almost all of you, these fundamentals would be specific. Go through your book of inspiration and decide the elements for your style that are absolutely important.

5. Transform Your Look with the Right Shoes and Accessories

Look for some fantastic statement pieces that are completely special to you once you have mastered your style’s essentials. Try to be innovative and blend both high and low-end labels. Build a special object.

Accessories are easier to modify, and being very imaginative with them is often better. Invest in decent shoes and customize your look with the ideal handbag.

You could, instead, concentrate on having the right ones. Your signature style may become part of one of these accessories—something which defines your individuality.

Imagine yourself three years from today. See what you are wearing in your free time, or when you do a dance or walk to work, or relax. Visualize the scene and pay attention to how you are carrying yourself.

Your style helps you become the individual you aspire to be and appear more confident in any position. Markdown what the designs, the shades, the silhouettes, and the main pieces are that your future self is carrying. Begin to integrate those products into your look.