Some men love shoes and enjoy the prospect of shopping for a new pair, whether it’s a high-fashion design or the latest sneaker release. For other men, purchasing shoes is a chore that brings little joy. This disdain toward the process leads to making quick purchases without ever finding the perfect pair that they’ll grow to love.

That ends here.

Here’s a simple guide for choosing the right men’s shoes that look fashionable without compromising personal tastes.

Consider Your Usage

The first consideration when purchasing a new pair of men’s shoes is where you’ll wear them. Is this a pair of dress shoes specifically for special events as they arise, or is this something you’ll frequently wear at the office or on the weekends? 

If you’re choosing something for specific events, some of the following features become a lower priority. If you’re purchasing shoes that you want to wear, rather than feeling like you should, it’s important to find a pair that suits your style and needs.

Shop for Comfort and Fit

Whether you’re purchasing shoes for a special event or daily life, comfort and fit are vital. Choose something with enough cushioning and support for long days on your feet. Your shoes should have a close fit while wearing socks without feeling crowded. A closer fit results in less shifting as you move. Conversely, you should leave some extra room if you plan on replacing the insoles.

Another consideration that falls under the umbrella of comfort is the weight of the shoes. A high-quality shoe will have some heft to it but shouldn’t feel clunky. Look for clean lines and a streamlined design.

Invest in Quality

Sticking to a budget is a concern for many shoppers when looking at shoes— although that budget varies from person to person. Regardless of your price point, it’s important to invest in quality. Click here to read more about high-quality boots by Blundstone that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. 

Spending more on a high-quality pair of shoes extends the lifespan. Also, they tend to fit better and are more comfortable than a cheaper alternative. Purchasing shoes from a recognizable designer is also a status symbol that conveys a message of success. For example, wearing Christian Louboutins is like wearing a Rolex watch. Fortunately, there are so many types of men’s Louboutins, including the elegant, professional Top Daviol.

Consider Your Feelings on Convention

Take some time to reflect on what message you want to send with your footwear and whether conventional fashion appeals to you. The previously mentioned Top Daviol shoe is a classic black dress shoe with open lacing and leather. Conversely, Louboutin’s Louis Spike is a high-top fashion sneaker that’s more eye-catching and fashion-forward. 

The rise of athleisure and formal-meets-casual in the fashion world has encouraged many trendsetters to wear sneakers to formal events. The key to this trend is knowing how to make unconventional footwear an accent piece rather than a clashing element.

If you prefer the classics and traditional footwear, stick with the conventional cuts and colors: black, tan, brown, etc. If you consider yourself more fashion-forward and unique, try something that aligns with those values.

Consider Your Signature Style

Finally, consider your signature style. Understand what looks good on your body and what makes you feel good when you wear certain clothes. Choose a signature accessory or fashion element. If your chosen piece is your shoes, get wild with them. If you prefer to focus on another accessory, play the shoes down a bit.

Once you have a better idea of your signature style and start to develop a “look,” the shoe shopping process will become easier, if not enjoyable. 

With these simple tips, you can choose the right pair of men’s shoes for any event or occasion.