Wedding Jewelry is essential to complete the perfect look of the bride. When it is our wedding, we need to be prepared by looking perfectly beautiful in white and matched with the right kind of jewelry. As we all know, there are various styles of jewelry, so we will find it challenging to choose the right jewelry for our skin tone and our wedding dress. 

Search Online

If we don’t have an idea of what dress that we want, we can surf the internet to see the beautiful wedding dresses. In this manner, we will be aware of the design of the dresses and pieces of jewelry that we can wear. We will be able to know the tips that can ensure we can have a transformation to ourselves. Ahead of time, we must look for our dream dress or the dress that we like and the jewelry. It can help us not to regret that we choose it , and have the best experience on your wedding day that we can treasure. Here are the quick guides in choosing our elegant wedding day jewelry:

Do Not “Overdo” It

We must take note that your selected jewelry must not outshine the wedding dress. It should blend well with your overall look to surprise your groom while you stand out walking down the aisle.

Choose Pieces of Wedding Jewelriesaccording to on the Dress’ Fabric 

If we find it challenging to choose the jewelry like platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold, so you must go for the jewelry that will complement the fabric of your dress. For example, we have white fabric; then, we will opt for platinum or silver pieces. If it has ivory color, it is best that we choose the gold jewelry to enhance our look. When we have the wedding dress in pink, we can pair it with the rose gold.

Consider Your Dress’ Neckline

Use the neckline of your wedding dress as your basis on the kind of jewelry you can wear on your wedding day. When our dress has a strapless or sweetheart neckline, it is suitable to choose the choker or shorter necklace. We can also add up with bridal jewelry sets, such as chandelier earrings, fresh flowers in our hair, small bracelet, bangle, and cocktail ring.

Keep Jewelry Highlighted

In choosing a set of jewelry, we must select jewelry that can highlight our dress. The color of the metal must ensure that it will not be worn out for our special day. It is essential that we will not wear many accessories to prevent ourselves from looking messy and feeling uncomfortable due to the heavy earring.

Avoid Too Many Colors in Wedding Jewelry

A piece of jewelry that has too many colors is abig no-no since it will distract other people from looking at your overall beauty. We should go for a single or bi-colors that is appropriate for the wedding dress that we choose. Even if we love more pieces of jewelry, it is essential that we must forget for the sake of the wedding that we always dreamed of.


Before the wedding day, there are a lot of preparations that we need, like the date, the church, the wedding designers, bridesmaids, and many more. The wedding is the most waited moment to start a new chapter of our life as family and loved ones will witness that special date. It is our day. That is why we must own it by choosing the best dress and necklace to make our day.

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