Online casinos should provide easy ways to deposit money into a game deposit and withdraw money to a player’s account or wallet. The online casino user needs confidence in the security and transparency of all transactions. We will tell you what a payment system for an online casino should be like and what criteria to choose it for.

The Most Common Payment Systems in Casinos in Canada

Debit and credit cards are the main ways to make payments at google pay casino and other gambling clubs in Canada. Despite the popularity of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards, the Canadian interbank network Interac is the payment method that is especially popular for online payments in Canada. 

Interac combines a local debit card system and money transfer network through the Interac e-Transfer service. Apple Pay and Google Pay services are also popular in Canada. In addition, in Canada, ecoPayz is used very often, which has the functions of a digital wallet. You can create up to 10 currency accounts and use them for various services that support this payment method.

The Main Criteria for Choosing a Payment Provider for an Online Casino

Gambling sites are a particular niche. They are characterized by active round-the-clock transactions and a broad international audience. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a payment intermediary for this business.

Usability Of Payment Pages

It’s easy to confuse a potential payer: you must show them a complicated or untrustworthy payment page. For example, if its design differs from the usual site design, some players will feel uncomfortable and will not deposit money.

A gambling payment aggregator should offer custom page settings. But it’s not just the design. Good usability is:

  • full details of the order (amount and purpose of paying);
  • information about the data protection measures taken;
  • presence of logos of payment systems and security certificates;
  • secure HTTPS connection;
  • the minimum number of actions for remitment.

Support Response Speed

Responsiveness is as important as competence. Ideally, technical support should answer questions in the “here and now” mode. Since payments at online casinos are almost round-the-clock, problems that arise should be resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore, service support should also work 24/7. Of course, there are exceptions.

Long-term processing of a client request is allowed if:

  • the need to carry out lengthy diagnostics or adjustments;
  • there was a global accident, and hundreds of monotonous requests came to the support service.

Fraud Monitoring System

Antifraud is a system that works on the side of the payment provider. Its purpose is to prevent dangerous (potentially fraudulent) transactions. Not only is the presence of the system important, but also the possibility of its personalized settings.

Online casino remitments are different from online store transactions. For example, players massively use VPN access. Standard anti-fraud settings will block payments with geolocation that does not match the cardholder’s location. And this is just one example.

Therefore, you need to choose a provider that:

  • individually determines the fraud risks for the site;
  • identifies risky niches;
  • analyzes common fraud schemes;
  • implements individual fraud monitoring settings.

Payment Systems Commission

For the possibility of accepting payments at the casino, you need to pay a commission. What does it consist of? It includes:

  • acquiring bank;
  • international payment system;
  • issuing bank;
  • intermediary (for example, a payment aggregator).

Accordingly, the commission consists of a transaction fee for the international payment system, a fixed payment in favor of the acquiring bank, and an interchange commission. The casino belongs to the high-risk category. Therefore, the payment system assigns additional fees for the risk of chargebacks.

The size of the commission is affected by the payment system, payer’s region, and dozens of other factors. In such conditions, you need to look for a payment operator that can offer the optimal amount of commission.

Transaction Processing Speed

Modern services are aimed at the instant transfer of client funds. Specific indicators depend on the chosen method and can range from a few seconds to 24 hours. Bank transfer processing, in some cases, takes up to 5 business days.

Support for Global Payments

Quick deposit and withdrawal of winnings in an online casino, support for payments from anywhere in the world, and the absence of restrictions and sanctions for payers are what all virtual casinos need.

Payment Security

Characteristics of a payment operator capable of ensuring the security of all transactions:

  • SSL protocol – makes it possible to transfer encrypted data from the user to the server using an HTTPS connection.
  • Compliance with the PCI DSS standard. International payment systems introduced it to protect bank card data. It is mandatory for all operators servicing online card payments;
  • 3-D Secure technology. It verifies the identity of the payer. For a gambling site, it is helpful because it transfers the responsibility for fraudulent transactions to cardholders.

Choose reliable systems for remitments that will provide safe and fast transactions and guarantee the accurate withdrawal of real money from online casinos.