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Runway models have a look. It’s almost like confidence in their outfits is part of their appearance on and off the runway. That striking look is achievable. The look that says you love what you wear, no matter what you’re wearing. Whether you’re going to the coffee shop or casually hanging out with friends, it’s totally possible for you to work it. Harnessing the runway model vibe when you wear casual dresses for juniors and other everyday outfits just requires a few simple techniques.

Find Pieces You Like to Wear

Obviously, to feel like you’re owning your outfit the way a model does, you have to actually like the pieces you wear on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending the day on the couch or going on a date—loving what you’re wearing makes a difference. You need to look for and actually invest in stuff you’ll enjoy wearing instead of putting it off. Don’t settle for an outfit you won’t love just because it fits.

Get Your Tried and True

You may have certain styles you turn to for different occasions, and there is no reason to neglect your go-tos when you want to look and feel like you own the room. Your tried-and-true favorites are great pieces to help you practice your look without feeling out of your element. If you love loungewear outfits, keep wearing stylish women’s loungewear outfits. If you adore casual dresses for juniors, you can continue to sport the most on-trend ones in your closet.

Then Widen Your Horizons

Once you feel like you have your look down and really enjoy your clothes, don’t be afraid to widen your horizons a bit. There are so many different styles to choose from, even among casual dresses. There are also ways for you to get creative with pieces like date night dresses and jumpsuits, so you can make your outfit look dressier or more casual and adjust them to any season as well.

Be Strategic About Your Casual Dresses for Juniors

Whether you already have your favorites or you’re looking to explore a new area of fashion, every girl should have casual dresses for juniors in their closet. They’re easy to throw on, very on-trend, and come in a variety of flattering silhouettes and charming designs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go to pick up some casual dresses for juniors.

Look for Flattering Designs

You’ll almost immediately realize that there are many designs for casual dresses. From the cut to the fabric to the pattern, you’ll want to find options that not only appeal to you but also look good on you. That’s a pretty relative statement, so let’s break it down. First of all, as we’ve covered, how you feel in your clothing is a big part of how you look in it. But there are more tangible factors one can consider. Do you have a favorite feature? With different dresses you can highlight your shoulders, arms, or legs, for example. Do you have a preferred neckline? Whether you love a good halter top dress or prefer something with a higher neckline, knowing this detail, among others, can help you pick out your next best dress.

Consider Colors

Another thing to consider is the color of the dress. We’ve all put on clothing that just didn’t quite work, whether we were just not a fan of the color or it simply wasn’t flattering. For example: If you have fair skin, you don’t want to wear a color that washes you out, like a really light peach. Look for a piece with a color like red or blue with a floral pattern to help you feel like you can stand out and work that runway look. Imagine walking down the street when a slight gust of wind just gently tosses your hair over your shoulders to reveal a lovely square neckline on top of the already exciting color and pattern. Now that’s a moment you’ll wish was captured by the fashion magazines.


Think About How to Restyle Your Look

Another critical part of choosing a casual dress you feel ready to walk the runway in is restyling. It’s exciting to have clothing you can wear differently every time. Even changing your hairstyle can completely revamp your look. Restyling casual dresses may seem a little more straightforward than restyling dressier pieces, only because they’re designed to be worn for day-to-to activities like hanging out with the family, going to class, or enjoying a coffee date.

Walk the Walk Everywhere You Go

You might remember that the word practice was mentioned earlier. Now that you’ve considered (and hopefully gathered) a collection of clothing you’d like to wear, you can practice holding your head high and really working your look. It might sound a little silly, but it seriously works!

Put Confidence Into Your Walk

The way you carry yourself from one place to another can say a lot about how you feel regarding your appearance. When you own pieces you love wearing, it shows and significantly impacts how you carry yourself. Compare going to the grocery store in a pair of your old sweatpants with going in the women’s loungewear outfits you love and feel cute in. It’s the difference between slinking around aisles hoping you don’t run into someone you know and walking confidently through a space. All you needed to walk the walk was a skip in your step, inspired by a stylish outfit.

Wear Your Favorite Pieces Everywhere

If you feel runway-ready and comfortable in your old sweatpants, more power to you—do your thing, girl. Being able to walk the walk definitely has more to do with how you feel in the clothes you wear, which is why you should wear your favorite clothes all the time. And all the clothes you own should be your favorite because that’s why you got them, right?

Bonus: Enhance Your Outfit with Accessories

Great accessories are the final touch to the runway look. Whether it’s jewelry, a handbag, shoes, or a belt, you never see a model walking around without some kind of accessory that immediately enhances the vibe of their outfit and completes their look.

Choose Accessories to Dress Things Up

Casual dresses are excellent options for everyday occasions because of their versatility. That means you can do pretty much anything with them. Try pairing your trendiest casual dresses for juniors with a string of pearls, drop earrings, or glitzy bracelets. You can even keep on your white sneakers.

Try the Ultimate Model Move: Power Clashing

If you haven’t heard of power clashing, now is the time to try it. This bold move is perfect for harnessing that inner model look. If you’re wearing a dress with polka dots, pair it with a jacket with floral embroidery. If you go for some velour joggers, dress them up with a shimmery top and some heels. You’ve already practiced walking with confidence in the clothes you love, so why not try walking with confidence in the outfits you’ve only dreamed about wearing?

It might seem easy to envy the look of a runway model. Whether they’re wearing sweatpants and a tank top or the latest trend in fashion, there’s something about the way they carry themselves you might want to emulate. And you totally can—even if you’ve never aspired to be an actual model. You can flaunt your stylish casual outfits with an air of confidence and work that look.


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