How To Celebrate Your Heritage With A Matching Style – And A Few Celebs Who Do It Too!

If you want to celebrate your heritage, then there has never been a better time for you to do that. If you are ready to take that next step then take a look below.

Traditional African Clothing

A lot of traditional African clothing actually comes from Ghana and Nigeria. An Aso Oke is a traditional women’s garment, and it’s usually paired with an Aso Oke hat. This is a traditional headpiece that is usually made using handwoven pieces of African fabric. A boubou is another name for a flowering sleeved robe and this can be worn by both male and females. It’s also known as being a kafta. The dashiki on the other hand is a dress garment for men. It only covers the top half of the body and it comes in a formal and informal version. The interesting thing about this garment is that it varies from being available in a simple draped clothing item to a fully-tailored suit. It’s also possible for you to see beautiful embroidery on the neck area too. When you look at Ghana, you will see that one of the most popular clothing items is the Smock. This is a plaid shirt that is somewhat similar to the dashiki, but the difference is that it is made out of hand-loomed strips of Kente fabric. This can vary in width, sometimes it’s three inches and other times it’s four. In West Africa, there’s the wrapper. This is a colourful garment that’s traditionally worn by women. It comes in formal and informal variants and the formality of it often depends on the fabric that is used to create it. If you want to follow a celebrity that is known for wearing traditional African dress then Minnie Dlamini is certainly the person who you should be looking into. If you’re unsure as to what your heritage is, then why not do a heritage DNA test? That way you can find out if you are of Asian, African or even Native-American descent, and celebrate your traditional style of clothing with confidence and empowerment.

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Chinese Traditional Dress

A traditional Chinese dress comes in many stunning forms. You have the Hanfu for example- which comes from the Han ethnicity. The majority of Chinese people come from this and it is the oldest of all traditional clothing. It traces back to over 4,000 years ago and the style has been improved on time and time again. The Hanfu was adopted and usually promoted by rulers. It then became the national clothing of the people and it had a far-reaching influence. It eventually passed over to Vietnam, Japan and even Korea. Some of the most traditional clothing includes the Zhongshan Suit. This is otherwise known as the Mao suit. It’s a form of male attire and it was advocated by Sun Zhongshan. He founded the Republic of China over 100 years ago. The Tang suit refers to a Chinese jacket, made famous in the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Empire was known for being one of the most prosperous in the world and this is one of the many reasons why the suits became so popular. Although Lucy Liu was born in America, she does have a deep Chinese heritage, and she can often be seen sporting traditional Chinese garments like the ones mentioned above.

Native American Traditional Clothing

In a lot of tribes, Native American men often wore breechcloths. This is a long piece of hide that would often be tucked under the belt. Leggings made out of leather would be worn in colder climates. In some tribes, it was common for men to wear a short kilt or even fur trousers. A lot of Native Indian men did not wear shirts, but warriors did adorn war shorts that were decorated with beadwork or even quillwork. In some cultures, Indian women wore shirts and coats. They also wore tunics when in public. In other tribes, women wore dresses, and this included buckskin dresses or any other similar type of animal hide. All Native Americans wore some kind of moccasin or a sturdy leather shoe. The style did differ from tribe to tribe but they all shared a relatively common theme.

When the colder weather came around, tribesmen often wore extra clothes or Inuit-style parkas. Headwear was also created along with formal clothing. Different parkas were used for things like this, to provide some degree of separation. There have been many celebrities who have adorned clothing from this era before, including Cher. She is 1/16th Cherokee and she chose to wear a Native American headdress. You can see this during her performance of Sonny and Cher and it’s safe to say that she was remembered for it too.