You adore your family, your pets and even some of your co-workers, but you Love Love Love (with three capital L’s) your girl squad.

You and your best friends have this whole #squadgoals thing down pat. You enjoy your girl squad so much, you are either hanging with them or are missing them and planning your next hangout. While some people might claim that you can only have one best friend at a time, you know this is not true. You have been blessed with five BFFs and you would do anything for any one of them, anytime.

Here’s how to continue to lead your girls into squad success:

Becoming an Expert 101

You might think that being a leader means that you should know everything about everything. It’s actually the opposite. True leaders pretty much focus on one subject and learn as much as they can about it. This is one reason your girl squad is so amazing; you each bring a specific talent or knowledge to the group. So instead of spreading yourself too thin and trying to be the fashion/cooking/philosophy/shopping guru, think about what you really love to learn about and let that guide you to your subject leader status.

Be the Foodie Expert

If you adore eating out, cooking gourmet meals at home and always know about the latest and coolest places to grab brunch, you can become the foodie leader of your girl squad. When you are planning where to head for lunch, you might suggest the adorbs new Italian café in the next town over, or suggest that you each bring a fave food and dine al fresco in the park by the lake.

Become the Go To Makeup Expert

If your purse always contains at least five lipsticks, you pore over fashion magazines as soon as they hit the stands and you watch at least half a dozen YouTube makeup artists on the regular, you have what it takes to be the makeup expert in your squad. To become even more knowledgeable and help supply your besties with the most current shades of makeup and the best personal care products, you could even look into making money with Amway as an Independent Business Owner. When partnered with the company, you can set your own hours and when your BFFs need some new eyeliner or facial cream, they can come right to you.

Adore Fashion? Share the Love!

Every girl squad needs a leader in fashion; you know, the one who is not only wearing the most stylish outfits, but knows exactly where to get them, what colors are in or out this season and maybe how to save money on looking fab. If this sounds up your alley, by all means go for it and read and watch all you can on current styles and trends and which stores have the cutest outfits for any body size.

You love your besties and would do anything for them. By taking an honest look at your talents and interests, you can take a leadership role in your girl squad and share your expert knowledge and passion with everyone.