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It seems that marble prints will never get old. Since it keeps evolving, the majority of fashion fanatics love to embrace them. At the same time, fashion designers are incorporating splashes of different colors to marble patterns. These patterns have undoubtedly revolutionized the monochromatic and traditional textures that have been celebrated for long.  

We are talking black and white marble textures that were all the rage in the fashion world in the past.  However, you probably have seen the advent of radiant marbleized textures on the ramps of spring 2016. Not to mention, these prints have carved out an extremely stylish space among the season’s raging trends. 

That said, most of the fashion designers favor the oh-so-amazing marble textures. Apart from clothing, these incredible patterns are widely used in designing jewelry and accessories. 

Marble Graphics Patterns Are all the Rage Today

So, marble is all the rage in the fashion world today! From scarves and skirts to clutches and leggings, you will find a large number of wearable embracing marble prints. If you are one of the fashion geeks, you probably have seen marble prints popping on different accessories and clothing. This emerging trend gives you a unique mix of attractive patterns and beautiful colors to obsess over for fall. It is a time to bid a goodbye to those old summer floral patterns and fill your closet with marble-patterned clothing.

Oceanic Blues

Marble does not have to be black and white always; the recent collection shows a variety of patterns blended in different colors.  Imagine a fit-and-flare dress having a mix of intergalactic and ocean marble patterns, does not it look jaw-dropping? 

Then, the dreamy blue hues printed on any high-low dress look oh-so-amazing. You can put such a dress on while you lounge around at your best friend’s home. The dreamy blue marble pattern will let you embrace your inner tranquility, making you feel relaxed.

Swirly Bright Hues

How about swirly marble patterns accentuating different bright colors on leggings? Or maybe the same pattern goes perfectly with a marbled cropped jacket, you never know. Even a voluminous-shape will look amazingly attractive with such marble motifs. Whether you get these leggings or a cropped jacket, the bright marble patterns will surely spice up your workouts! These clothing are classy enough to rock even after the gym.  

Not only the clothing but you can find these amazing marble textures on a variety of accessories, including clutch, wristwatch, and much more. When it comes to marbled-clutch, you will be startled with its breathtaking looks. Especially when presented on natural leather, you will be astonished enough to see how the marble graphic print has made the product extremely unique. 

Dreamy Pink Blends

The industry has not stopped to amaze you. You will find a list of products to embrace incredible marble patterns; you will find a variety of marble textures in ballet flats. The pink hues blended with black marble texture are a dreamy graphic pattern that will startle you with its perfect looks. Not to mention, these prints give any product a major facelift. 

The soothing colors featured as swirly marble patterns with a pink background are ideal for every woman looking for something feminine yet fabulous. Not to mention, marble textures blended with pink hues are quite versatile and never looks boring. At the same time, these patterns accentuate every type of accessory that you wear. 

Stellar Silhouettes

The black and white marble texture never goes out of trend. A chiffon blouson with black and white marble texture is a perfect option to wear when you have night-out plans. You will be surprised to see how much chic and stylish it looks. You can get more information at Fashion Adict.

Not a big fan of clothing featuring marble textures? What about grabbing an accessory boasts unique patterns. It is something perfect for you, especially if you are in high-school or fond of traveling. We are talking about a backpack with a white and black marble design. Believe it or not, this will go to accentuate every outfit! Goes for both male and female, this type of backpack will certainly make you stand out in your social circle! 

If you want to stick to the traditional marble print, then these silhouettes blended marble textures clothing is a perfect option for you to wear. 

Magnificent Marble Mix

While the fall is just around the corner, it is the best time to do you preps! Since you have been planning to fill your closet with marbleous clothing, you might want the patterns and colors other than the ones discussed above. Well, the fashion designers have strived enough to create marble textures that are just out of this world. You can find a host of marble patterns and colors by taking a look here.

The good news is you can find the products that will make you feel like ‘it is made only for me.’ In other words, the designers have put their best efforts to blend the patterns in a variety of ways, so that every fashion geek finds something for them. 

From midi skirts to men’s shirts featuring mix marble patterns with soothing colors, you can find a great collection that best fits this summer-fall season. Whether women pair it with high heels or men wear with sneakers, such mix textures will look gorgeously amazing. You will also find many other muted colors mixed with the dreamy marble textures, which ensure to keep your appearance classy.

The Marbleous Trend Everywhere!

Until recently, the marble textures on fashion products have not had been as much popular as they are today. If you start noticing gradually, you will see the marble prints are everywhere! They are not limited to the fashion world or interior designing; in fact, the web designers have started incorporating them. 

Once widely used for home décor, the unique stone has made its way to the fashion world in a very surprising way. However, it seems like there is still a lot to dig when it comes to the marbleous trend. So, stay tuned to know more about how this trend is evolving.