Luxury has Become a Necessity

The past year has felt nothing short of a fever dream. Unfortunately, it is a reality that we all have to learn to not only exist with, but thrive in. Obvious health concerns aside, one of the major impacts of a world riddled with a pandemic has been that over the fashion industry. Consumers’ demands and expectations have changed drastically and business strategy must adapt and evolve accordingly if brands want to remain up to speed in a competitive environment.


Surprisingly, when it comes to the world of fashion and lifestyle, people have become more inclined to indulge in what can only be described as luxury fashion. Considering how easy it is to gain access to these luxurious lifestyle brands and companies in current times, it makes sense that people are turning to online means to acquire such apparel and accessories.


The Shift Towards a Virtual Paradigm

There has always been a degree of cultural resistance when it comes to the acceptance of digital solutions for routine problems. But with time, modern society has learned that the technological revolution is designed to make our lives more convenient. The acceptance of digital change is reflected in the sheer popularity of online shopping, especially in a time when traveling and real life browsing has been so largely limited.


Throughout this year, we have seen more and more people as well as businesses open up to the idea of embracing a virtual paradigm. While it may be the only way to continue doing business right now, it is by no means a trend that will fizzle and die out once we return to the norm. In fact, this will most likely become the norm in 2021 and beyond. The potential of virtual reality and associated technology in business, the fashion industry in particular, is limitless, and it is about time that brands start to capitalize on it.

Creating Personalized Experiences Through Artificial Intelligence

It wasn’t all that long ago when artificial intelligence (AI) was deemed to be a mere buzzword. Now, however, it is one of the most critical technological tools that you can use to enhance customer experience with your brand. AI enables you to personalize your service based on the individual expectations of your clients and appeal to their tastes to encourage them to make the purchase.


This is especially important for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Sergio Rossi, or their retailers like These businesses have to strive to strike that human connection that gives the customer the impression of exclusivity. This can be done through interactions with chatbots employing machine learning, giving them access to exclusive content and notifications, and inviting them to virtual live fashion walks and shows, as has been the norm over the past year.

A Targeted Approach is an Effective One

Another benefit of using artificial intelligence and analytical tools to analyze your page visitors and existing clientele is that it enables you to launch a targeted campaign in the future. Understanding the interests and history of your consumer base will allow you to create content that appeals to their tastes. This also paves the way into more personal fashion accessories, such as smart devices and wearables that monitor your heart rate, keep track of your calories, and even recommend you music based on your mood.


A Digital Dressing Room

Being able to try on an item of clothing or accessory and visualize how it would look on your person is an important part of the shopping experience. People are particularly hesitant of purchasing items that they have not physically seen or tested on themselves from luxury brands since they tend to lean towards the expensive side. With in-person shopping having become a luxury in and of itself this year, people are opting for safer alternatives like online shopping. That is where augmented reality comes in.


Using virtually rendered settings and graphics, brands can have customers use their smartphones and applications to visualize a given luxury apparel item or accessory on their body. For example, they could point their smartphone camera to their feet to see how a certain pair of shoes would look on their feet. Nike has already put something of this sort into application, allowing customers to use their phone camera to accurately gauge their shoe size by capturing their feet. The convenience of being able to try out a fashion accessory at home before making the purchase removes a lot of hang ups that people have regarding online shopping.