A few of you Fashion Bombers and Bombshell couldn’t wait until Halloween Day, and let your costumes shine this past weekend at fun filled parties. So, we asked you to send us a few submissions, and you did not disappoint! Let’s see how you guys did it up for all Hallow’s Eve:

Tannera George @TanneraGeorge put on a plaid skirt suit to go as Dionne from Clueless for Halloween.

Al-Fuquan aka aldotg had one of the most unexpected costumes, donning nude draped fabric as Rihanna at Coachella.

Crystal and friends posed as gangstas!

Heather stepped out for Halloween as the Queen of the Jungle. She writes, “I am an advertising executive from the bay area who loves all things fashion! My IG is @dsignedtostyle (style page) and @lovealways_hd (personal).”

Jennifer and family nailed their looks as characters from the Wiz. I love this!

Schuntel and friends also went for the Wiz, but skewed more saucy for their night out.

K Daniella aka @Flawednfabulous wrote, “Some girls still believe in Fairytales!!” We do!

Biacha J writes, “I was Foxxy Cleopatra for halloween. I customized an outfit I got from Go Jane and I tinted my wig to get it the color it is.” Work!

Sulli (@kingsulli), was Kim Kardashian for Halloween.

The Jackson Twins @thejacksontwins_ went as a fierce fighting duo.

Esther Lauren @_estherlauren popped on feathers and a purple suit to evoke Cardi B.

Freda opted for a Beyonce Coachella ensemble.

Another Beyonce inspo, this time with Jay Z. Thoughts on @lakynashly ‘s @1990by_sclaxton‘s On the Run ensembles?

Erika and a friend posed as Jokers.

Shikara aka @killa_kara from Chicago wrote, “I was Sade for Halloween and wanted to send you guys my pic! I hope you guys like it. I love Fashion Bomb Daily :)” We love you back!

Bombshell Shakeeta went as Leeloo Dallas/Multipass and Bomber Lawrence went as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. You guys are hilarious and endlessly creative!

Bombshell Vlo @vlo.vikini was gorgeous as Cleopatra.

Keisha aka @debonairess got busy with the makeup brush, and went as a rainbow hued skeleton. We need a tutorial!

Skeleton was a popular costume this year!

Lastly, Brittney @mrs.brittney.brown and son dressed up as characters from Black Panther for the holiday. Love it! And the hair? Slay Queen!

That does it. I was invited to a Halloween party tomorrow and I still don’t know what I’m going to wear. I know it’s every year, but why do I always wait until the last minute?!? Aargh, let me get creative…
We hope you enjoy the feature, and slay responsibly tomorrow!
Whose costume was your favorite?