The CoronaVirus shows no signs of slowing down, and while we are at home, quarantined, our community has gotten creative with inspired styles that mimic the ‘must haves’ of the day.

While medical grade masks are recommended for those stepping out outside, Fashion Bomb Daily readers have been adding some joy, levity and brightness with fashionable masks.

Take a look:

SportsnSparkles paired a Fendi bra with a matching Fendi mask.

Brandon St. Regis writes, “I was given a mask by a medical professional who wants me to stay safe while living in NYC. Cases of COVID10 have doubled daily & staying home is the only option, but I have a dog that needs to be walked, so while I do that, I throw on a cute fit (to make myself feel good) and put on my mask.” Sounds good!

Lexis Minaj paired a zebra jumpsuit with a Milano Di Rouge face mask.

Freeslays posted up in a corner with a Chanel Mask.

Legendary Lade flexed in an embellished mask with cut outs.

Your Prissy Ness popped in a glittery mask.

See more below:

You guys are a talented!

We are not medical professionals, so we do not recommend wearing these outside! Consult with the for best practices!

But in the meantime, keep being creative and doing what you need to do to stay sane and entertained.

What do you think?