The SARS COVID 19 pandemic caused a lot of economic problems last year and has adversely affected the global market economy. There were severe and extensive lockdowns in the Middle East and Arab countries which brought about a serious economic downturn. But, it also led to changes in people’s buying attitudes, and a lot of people moved on to online shopping, online education and so on. The economy suffered a lot because people were spending less, and this hints how cautious society had become. A lot of business owners suffered immensely during this period, and unfortunately, several establishments closed down permanently.

However, in the last two months, the Arab business world has started to show signs of recovery. One of the prime reasons for this is that business owners are moving on to eCommerce platforms for most of their sales. In this article, we will discuss about this new trend in the industry and how it can affect business in the future.

What are business owners focusing on at present?

During the lockdowns, the Middle Eastern countries had to close down all business establishments. Customers had to rely only on online retailers for groceries, hygiene products, household necessities and so on. 

Business owners are now more focused on managing the immediate repercussions of falling customer demand. The companies are trying to get more digital solutions, leverage third-party platforms, use social media to build relationship with customers. A lot of companies have made the decision to venture into eCommerce. This includes a number of fashion brands as well. Interestingly more and more local fashion brands are using influential personalities promote their brand. This has caused quite a significant hype in the local business industry. As Namshi, it is one of the named brand in the industry which is highly focusing on reaching new customers in the region with adorable collection promoting them through the ambassador (Face for Namshi) and with it’s outstanding discounts offered on fashion apparel by using Namshi coupon codes.

What are some crucial strategies for the future?

Perhaps the most important thing for business owners to do now is to build more demand. They have to sustain demands by offering optimum products for the best prices and provide consistent delivery.

Sustaining demand is key for any eCommerce platform. Ecommerce platforms also need to adapt to the present conditions and create a robust digital marketing strategy. They have to organize their essential and non-essential products into strict categories and prioritize the delivery of essential products. However, they should also push non-essential products like apparels during the marketing campaigns. 

Consumers are becoming cautious

Today, consumers are growing more cautious on what they spend. A lot of consumers admit that they are cutting their spending, and this means less business overall. Business owners are seeing rapid declines in their income, and people, in general, have seen immense falls in their household finances. 

People are actually unsure about the COVID 19 pandemic and when it would actually end. However, this has not stopped the economy from crashing. Consequently, people limited their spending. People are still being optimistic, but this does not mean that they are not willing to spend money. Luxury is still their priority but the stores like Ounass has got them in a way to keep up the luxury tag and being budget friendly with Ounass Discount Codes.

Permanence of Online Shopping

The Middle East has been the fastest grown e-commerce market, but the pandemic changed it more. Today consumers are more likely to buy their stuff online than from offline retailers. Online shopping has a lot of benefits also. For instance, you will get more stuff, more varieties, more options and most importantly, more discounts.

Brands have to prepare themselves to create new strategies to survive in the eCommerce business. They have to develop key marketing campaigns which can cause maximum impact and generate more sales as the online store H&M always does a great job on reaching corners in the region having the products promoted uniquely through brand’s stylish models and the discounts that it offers through H & M Promo Codes for online shopping.


Research studies have revealed that there is no universal solution to getting success on eCommerce platforms. This is especially true in the Middle East. However, brands have to focus on what their main priorities are and create campaigns based on that. Online shopping generates a lot of flexibility and diversity for consumers, and this is why it is bound to be successful. Brands need to provide this diversity to consumers in terms of the products that they can offer. It is likely that the use of eCommerce platforms for fashion products will continue in the future as wel. It remains to be seen how business owners adopt other changes. Hopefully, the information in this article will be useful to you.