We’re all more open-minded than ever before, and everyone has the confidence to create their own identity when it comes to fashion and the different styles. One style that has certainly broken away from the norm is anime-inspired fashion. Sure, it’s unique and different, but it serves a purpose, and it pushes boundaries too. So, what do we need to know about anime inspired fashion? Flirty chat rooms UK users shared their opinion that the styles seen on the streets of Harajuku started a change in fashion perceptions

It’s A Lifestyle as Opposed to Fashion

The reality is that anime is a way of life in countries such as Japan and China. However, it seems as though Japan is where anime is a part of life. Due to their desire to explore new things and push boundaries, the Japanese embrace anime and have turned it into something that is considered the lifestyle. In contrast, if someone walked down a street in London dressed in cosplay or simply any anime-inspired outfit, they’d turn heads for the wrong reasons. However, in Japan, it’s considered normal. 

Every day, people dress up in anime outfits and take to the streets, proving that it’s now a lifestyle choice as opposed to fashion.

Anime Dictates Fashion Rules

Fashion comes and goes. With fashion seasons and looks determined by celebrities, people are committed to keeping with the latest trends. This is true around the world, but of course, there are some exceptions to the rules. In Japan, there is a  specific way of life. Ride the train, and you’ll see people reading manga, wander around the shops, and you’ll find anime & videogame figurines and other products; picture-centric fabulous and bizarre art is everywhere.

However, the Japanese one is clear proof that fashion can be anything you want it to be when it comes to fashion. Feeling comfortable and confident underpins fashion’s real meaning, so wear what you want if it makes you happy. What anime shows is that looks and outfits are nothing more than a personal preference, regardless of what others believe.

From Cozy Anime Capes to Modern Streetwear

Street style fashion is wide and varied. It covers almost every aspect of fashion, keeping it exciting and intriguing. The reality is that street fashion has been inspired by those who choose to dress in anime-related outfits. Therefore, you’ll find people wearing capes, heavy make-up, bright clothes, and wild outfits, but that’s where it all begins. 

Modern streetwear has been driven by this desire to be unique and having the confidence to ignore others’ views enables creativity to seep through into every outfit and look. If you feel happy wearing a cape, then why not wear a cape? If you want to look funky and edgy, then go for the look you want.

The meaning behind fashion is obscure. It’s about creating a look or an image that’s true to you, and that’s where Japanese street fashion stands out.

It Creates a Feeling of Unity

Some people feel happier when they are part of something unique and special. While some might choose to be part of a group or a sports team, there are those who love wearing unique outfits related to their favorite characters and series. 

There’s no right or wrong here but wearing the same kind of outfits as others provides a feeling that they are part of something special. It involves being involved in a movement that’s changing perceptions and thoughts both in Japan and worldwide. While they might be shy or reserved individuals, dressing up in something special will give them the confidence to be who they want to be. This feeling of being a part of something encourages them to connect with others, share ideas and ignite their passion for fashion.

Being a part of the experience leaves them feeling content and important. What’s more, fans of the Japanese style can push the boundaries of change.

The Modern Aspect of Japanese Street Style

There is no denying that street fashion in Japan is unique. Take a stroll down through the city, and you’ll find people dressed in all kinds of outfits, so what can you expect?

Visual Kei  – Based around the glam rock and punk and Kabuki theatre, this look is all based around the music genre. You’ll find elaborate hairstyles and costumes that are flamboyant and unique.

Gyaru – This word translates as a girl, and it’s a type of fashion that apparently takes inspiration from Baywatch. They’ll wear sexy outfits and commonly have blonde hair. This culture started life in the 90s and has grown ever since.

Kogal – This is a truly unique fashion trend in Japan where girls will wear a schoolgirl outfit.  You can expect knee-high socks, dyed hair, and skirts.

Kimono Style – One of the most traditional outfits in Japan, but this long dress is a national outfit, and this T-shaped outfit is worn with a traditional look.

Kawaii Boys – These are cute boys who pay attention to their hair and look, so they continue until that becomes a lifestyle.

At the beginning of the article, we’ve said that wearing something like that on the streets of London will turn heads. But it isn’t completely true – it’s clear that uniqueness and inspiration coming from the Japanese style is slowly but spreading around the globe. The only thing stopping it from spreading like a fire is one of the well-known Western celebs picking it up, but we assume it is just around the corner.