18 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…:Rihanna at the Feeding America Ball”

  1. A definite hmm.the dress, the hair. I like her shoes though, I I don’t find her on point anymore. I don’t know, I feel like she’s trying too hard.

  2. I defiinitely think the bust of the dress made me go hmmm too. I think it’s too much given everything else that’s going on with the dress anyway. Love the dress though

    H x

  3. She looks FABULOUS! The color is amazing against her skin. Its very fashion forward and something I would expect to see in the spring as opposed to winter. She pulls it over effortlessly!

  4. Whats wrong with this look is that its INAPPROPRIATE for an event like that.Isnt it called the Inauguration Charity BALL? Keyword BALL where everyone is in long flowing dresses or gowns.She is getting ridiculous now with this whole punk rock edgy look.Its not accpeted everywhere ! The first time I saw the photo I thought it was some kind of music award..

  5. I definitely agree with Tah-lee-cee-ah with this. When I first saw this dress my first thought was “Holy Ta-tas Batman!” one wrong step and the whole crowd would have saw a lot more of Rhianna than they would have wished to see.

    The dress on Rhianna had some potential provided that the top part was worked on to secure “the girls” and the dress lengthened. The detailing on the front was nice and would have been great to see how the ruffles would have played out on a longer dress.

  6. She looked a MESS. Everyone kept it classy with gowns while she wore a damn cocktail dress. Her hair is a mess, she looks really pale, and she just looks OFF. This was not an awards show, this was a prestigious event and she obviously didn’t think about that or bother to ask if that dress would be appropriate for that event. Her bust was too much too. Just a MESS.

  7. Wrong look for the event…this was one of the most important events of our time and she wore a dress that was not only ill fitting, but out of place.

  8. i would have to disagree and say that the color did not complement her skin tone… its too close. she should have picked a contrasting color. also the dress looks better as worn in the pic with jessica stam with the strap hanging on the arm.

  9. Not a good look, especially with what looks like implants. Going to an Inaugural Ball in a cocktail dress with your chest hanging out is ridiculous. To put it in perspective, T.I.’s girl Tiny had her tattooed boobs all out that weekend also. Tacky!

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