The Knowles sisters are on their global grind, and they recently attended the Eight Million Ginza Gates Store Opening in Tokyo, Japan.


Both sisters seem to be tapping into alter egos, with Beyonce wearing a body clinging club dress for a day appointment, and Solange playing demure in a belted jumper. While their shoes are definitely hot!…
…do you love their outfits?
Say your peace!

10 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…Beyonce and Solange in Japan”

  1. First of all, the shoes are hot!!! (as you mentioned).

    As for the dresses, I love Beyonce’s dress. However, its more freakum night wear then day dress. I also think I’m sadly suffering from Herve Leger overload. Sad because I have yet to wear mines for fear of seaming to mainstream and also because I love the way the dress looks on her.

    As for Solange’s dress…I don’t know. It seems way too long.

    Both women had on beautiful makeup with horrible hair.

  2. Bey’s dress is SO hot. But the first time I saw it on another site, I didn’t realize this was a day event..that’s definitely not the most appropriate fit for the moment…

  3. I think both looks are hot. Beyonce is channeling Sasha Fierce and Solange is working a vintage look. Love the shoes on both (I must have Solange’s)

  4. Bey looks like a randam girl on her way to the club! As for solo im loovin the shoes, but thats about it:(

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