The stars came out to shine last night at the Academy Awards. Only a few bomb beauties were nominated, but so many more turned out to perform and present. Let’s take a look at their red carpet choices and see: were their looks hot? Or did they make you go hmmm….

Best Supporting Actress nominee (and undercover fashionista) Taraji P. Henson chose a strapless Roberto Cavalli gown for the big night…


A pretty choice, but a bit plain…I would have loved to see some color, beading or sequins! At any rate, her Fred Leighton diamond necklace is hot and definitely upgrades the whole look.

Tony award winner and nominee Viola Davis went for glam in this haltered Reem Acra number…


..she is literally radiant, and I’m loving the jeweled details. Hot!

Beyonce came out to perform, but first stunted on the carpet in a House of Dereon couture creation…


Hmmm…this dress looks like a pair of drapes fashioned into a dress. Perhaps Dereon should stick to jeans and not carpet couture? Hmmm…

Alicia Keys looked lovely in this colorful Armani Prive….


The dress is hot, but something about her new hair color makes me go Hmm….

John Legend’s boo Christine Teigen kept the bright, colorful theme going in an orange crush floor grazer…


A little low cut, but still cute…hot!

Oscar award winner Penelope Cruz was enchanting in a Pierre Balmain Haute Couture Gown


She looks like a princess and the Chopard jewels are hot!

Indian stunner Freida Pinto captivated the crowd in this blue one shouldered John Galliano


I loved the beading and tulle. Hot!

Vanessa Hudgens was gorgeous in Marchesa…


Hot! This is how you do details. Estelle, take note!

And finally the Queen blessed us all with this navy Georges Chakra custom choice…


Everything from the color to the Swarovski crystal embroidery is hot! All hail the Queen!

What did you think?

20 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…:81st Annual Academy Awards Fashion”

  1. Beyonce- where do i start- she looks a country fool, and i love how she tried to play it simple by not wearing any earrings- bad move. She tries soooo hard to try to make it seems money has given her taste- not at all. Viola looks like she got her dress in the Macy’s 39.99 prom dress section. Come better. and last but not least, Alicia Key’s wig??? is she serious, did she really swoop that ish to the side for a side part with no scalp showing??? i was NOT impressed by these ladies what so ever!

  2. Do better Bey. Do better. As for Alicia… i was thoroughly disappointed at that wig, Viola Davis… SMH. On a lighter note: Taraji looked lovely, Queen did her thing, and i was digging the top of the dress that Freida Pinto wore.

  3. Taraji is definitely a HOT! The photo doesn’t do the dress justice at all. The detailing in the back and the fit are impeccable.

    I’m so frustrated with Beyonce. There’s no excuse for putting that thing on. She needs to tell her mom that the red carpet is not the place to promote Dereon. Thank God that she has a pretty face to save this mess.

  4. Why is Alicia wearing that god-awful wig? Doesn’t she have lots of hair under that thing? The dress is not very flattering either.

  5. i’m normally not fond of beyonce’s glamour attempts….but i think i am the only person in the world who actually loved this dress. i love the cut and everything. i think she shouldn’t have went so simple with the hair….and she def needed some earrings. but i did love the dress……

    i actually think angelina jolie looked the best though…..

    viola’s dress was a miss. unattractive color, and unflattering material….

    Loved Taraji’s look. She always looks great

  6. Funny Claire,

    how you say Taraji drss is plain but you boost up Penelope dress when it’s the same color? And then Freida Pinto dress is a Hot Mexicano mess on the same sense of style as Beyonce’s! It’s crazy how YOU black bloggers diss blacks in fashion and always big up other races as if they can’t go wrong in style. White does not makes it right! I think this whole era of fashion is such a fluke! I mean to be actualy seen in some of the things that you and other bloggers say is fashionable is just obscene.. Kanye West the biggest fashion NO NO and you straight think it’s hot! Come on now lets get back to where we can actualy put on clothes that you can be seen in public without making a damn fool of yourself… THIS FASHION ERA IS A FLUKE! ALL U HAVE TO DO IS PUT ON ALL ARTICLES OF CLOTHING THAT DOESN’T MATCH AND U ARE CONSIDERD AS FIERCE, FASHION AT IT’S BEST!


  7. I must disagree Sharon M.
    Penelope’s dress is very different from Taraji’s and is a lot more glam…and noone above is white, so Sharon, wtf are you talking about??

  8. Sharon.M you’re comments are so out of the blue and nonsensical – you just ruined this strain of comments that I was enjoying…So, I’ll just pretend like I didn’t see it lest I waste any more time.
    I totally agree with: Beyonce being too plain w/o jewels though I didn’t think the dress was that bad. It was bold and well fitting. I also agree that the Alicia’s wig was very wrong. Bad hair day I guess? haha. Agree with the statements about Viola’s dress being a Macy’s rack mess that was not flattering on her at all and did Halle not walk the carpet? Would have liked to see her on here!

  9. Taraji Henson looked stunning. That dress is just so glamorous, classy, and elegant. Love it. This is how our black actresses need to start looking on the red carpet so they don’t end up in Soul Plane 2. Sorry Viola, but that dress is a miss. It looks like a really cheap prom dress that you were happy to find on sale at Sears. In terms of Beyonce, its not even the fact that the dress was hideous, it was the fact that she wears dresses like this all the time. its played out b. What happened to your new style? Just because your pretty dosen’t mean you can wear anything. Alisha you cant be serious!!! A wig? And lastly, I love Queen Latifah but she needs to change it up. Its the same style dress every awards season. Sorry if I sound too harsh, I really love and appreciate the work that all these ladies do.

  10. lol love taraji’s look!!! her style is on point.

    beyonce looks like she’s trying to hard as usual. she is like the opposite of rihanna… fierce on stage but in real life…not so much. and alicia keys is wrong on soo many levels for that wig!!! She couldnt at least have gotten the oh so popular lace front. stop stop stop!!!

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. None of these people care if you think there dress was cute or not. Sorry to crush your dreams but…Beyonce is not on reading your comments. She is more successful and has more money than any of you will ever see, so you can talk and blog all night about her dress, and what you like or dont like because they will not lose one bit of sleep…or dollar…or anything based on your opinions.

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