Rupaul shined last night at a Jimmy Choo for H&M event wearing a vibrant plaid suit worn with cowboy boots, a striped shirt, and a flower for flourish:

Rupaul Jimmy Choo H M Event

A consummate divo, Rupaul followed the cardinal rules of mixing patterns, making sure both prints shared similar brick red/burgundy colors. While I want to love this outfit, something about it makes me go hmmm…perhaps the shoes? Or the sour expression?

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Rupaul at Jimmy Choo for H&M Event”

  1. I like what he’s doing here! It’s like looking at a picture at the museum. lol. What would be better is a side-by-side “Who did it better?” contest between him and Mr. Leon Tally!

  2. he looks entirely unwell, too thin. probably runs himself ragged with his career TV sows, appearances, etc. but hey, he’s a big boy now, he can make his own decisions

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