Rihanna stays in the public eye as she’s unafraid to take risks with makeup, clothes, and hair. Her latest head turning move? A blond highlighted hair style:

Rihanna Blond Hairstyle Gray Dress

I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to think of ways I can change up my hair without cutting anything off. A bit of blond dye seems a viable, risk averse option.
What do you think of Rihanna’s new haircolor? Hot? Or does it make you go hmm…

16 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Rihanna’s New Blond ‘Do”

  1. I’m all for trying a new haircolor, but personally I am not a fan of blonde highlights on Rihanna. i’m not sure if it’s the cut or style. Maybe she could try a blonde shade that isn’t too harsh. But hey, she gets credit for not being afraid to try something new.

  2. Just a touch of terrible, mixed with disaster…

    I’m truly saddened by this look. Shoes are kinda cool, but the look is totally misguided.

  3. she looks like my 60yr old auntie….very dated…get the black back or go red highlights,the brassy blonde is not for rhianna…ewwwwwwwwww

  4. Please tell us what type of boots those are, or of course a (recession) version of them because I know they are probably very very expensive!

  5. NO to the highlights and NO to the lipstick.

    That sweater, on the other hand, is tres belle and I want it. I saw a similar one on the Anthropologie website, and I think I will be getting it!!

  6. I like Rhianna’s hair only because I like change. I switch up my haircolor very often (blues, purples, greys, blondes, and mixes) so I think it’s cool. Honestly, I think that her lip color and wardrobe color is what was throwing this look off. If she would have went for something more vibrantly colors and a neutral color palette on her face, she would have looked great. I’ll wait for new pics to be posted.

  7. Damn…I actually like the do on her! It’s not the best…but I am okay with it…Thanks for the info on the boots Kirah…Those boots are fire!!!!

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