Princess Rih Rih has been snapped lately wearing uncharacteristically low flat black buckle boots:


As you know, I’m a proponent of comfortable style, but something about these boots…hmm…

Your thoughts?

If you think they’re hot, here are a few options to get the look:

12 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Rihanna’s Flat Black Buckle Boots”

  1. The “something about these boots” is that they look like something a vagabong would wear. There are attractive flat boots out there-these not being one of them. They look dingy and ugly, not stylish. Period.

  2. I like the engineer boot look.

    They’re like part of the model uniform esp the at times gender ambiguous models like Freja Beha

  3. I like the rebel without a cause boots. Not your typical fashionista look rather comfort on the go.

  4. these boots r hot. I was trying to get something similar a while ago but they were sold out.

  5. I like these boots. steve madden had some thing similar a while ago but they sold out fast.

  6. I love a flat boot. They’re comfortable for everyday and look better than a sneaker. But these boots look worn out and a little trashy. Does anyone else agree?

  7. Man, I LOVE those boots, but they make me hanker for autumn – & I live in London so no steve madden for me :(

  8. i don’t even care about those boots. could someone tell me where the scarf on the left is from? lol. it’s so dope!

  9. “something a vagabond would wear….dingy and ugly not stylish”
    “worn out and a little trashy”

    Um…. I think that’s how the boots are suppose to look (please note the sarcasim) they’re are suppose to look distressed, and worn out, that gives them their character, I love em I just bought a fab pair of Frye boots and I distressed them myself and I get nothing but compliments every time I rock them, I love the slouchy, edgy, carefree, rebel look of them and not everyone knows how to rock boots like these, but I see chicks rocking boots live these in Cali all the time.

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