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We’re coming on New York Fashion Week and, starting September 10th, it’s going to get pretty crazy for your favorite Bomb crew. Parties and shows and outfits–oh my…I think the fashionable are feeling the coming social whirl, too, as this weekend’s style sightings were rife with folks stepping up their game (it was also definitely a leggings weekend–seems like everyone opted for Lycra). Let’s take a gander, shall we?


Rihanna made her way to a showing of The Lion King in NYC wearing a knit off-the-shoulder sweater, leggings, and fabulous Pierre Hardy Paillette T-Strap sandals. Her fringed clutch, mixed gold and diamond jewelry, and vampy red nails punch up the otherwise quiet all-black ensemble. The surprised look on her face is reportedly due to the paparazzi informing her of DJ AM’s passing. Um…is that really the best way to break news of an acquaintance’s death? Hmm for the paps, Hot for Rih-Rih…


In terms of originality, one of the few pop starlets who gives Rihanna a run for her money at the top of the fashion game is Solange. Creative, a bit bohemian, and always interesting, Solo turned heads at Q-tip’s tribute to Michael Jackson this weekend in NYC. Her own fringed piece (a blouse), metallic leggings, and neon-accented pumps are the business to begin with but…the earrings. Wow. As long as she wore those, I think I might have called her outfit “Hot” if she’d been in some soccer shorts and a denim tube top. L.o.v.e.s.


Amber Rose has carved out her own style lane and run with it, and I like it. I love this high-waisted black skirt with a raised pattern and, although I’m not really a fan of white shoes, see how these platform sandals work well with what she’s wearing (get her look here). Love the eye makeup, rose pink (clever) mani/pedi, and fuchsia envelope clutch. But the albino contacts pretty much spoil the whole look for me, must say…

I’m still getting used to Kim Kardashian’s new light brown locks but they’re growing on me. She made a night run to Millions of Milkshakes in L.A. this weekend and rocked a nice little ‘fit: tuxedo jacket with embroidered sleeves, a grey tank, black booties, and matte leggings. Cool laid-back look for Kim, who’s been missing for a while from our weekend roundups.


Ciara was also at the Milions of Milkshakes event,  looking cute in a plain white tee, boyfriend jeans, and a pair of fab rhinestoned-out Louboutins. She is killing me softly (in a good way) with that Fendi envelope bag–Hawt! She looks great when her pieces appear to come together organically as opposed to something put together just to get attention. Let’s hope there are better fashion things like this to come from her?


Finally, R&B songstress Ashanti pitched in at the Million Meal Summer event in L.A. in a navy top with ruffle-neck halter, ripped jeans, and black platform sandals. Although I’m not wild about the hairstyle, it’s cool that she’s trying something new (instead of the predictable shaved side). Would have liked the outfit more if that triangle of black wasn’t peeking out from the top, either. But it’s not an all the way Hmm.
What do you guys think?

21 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: Rihanna, Solange, Amber Rose, Ashanti, and more!”

  1. I actually like Solange’s all black look more than Rihanna’s. The fringe top is something only Solange can pull off.
    I think for a charity event Ciara could’ve had the courtesy to get dressed, not just roll out of bed and put a pair of Louboutins on.
    Ashanti looks very understated and cute. I think the black tank makes the outfit more appropriate seeing as it was charity event she was attending. I actually like the hair style and her makeup is flawless.

  2. Solange’s earring are giving me heart palpatations at work. Those things are just beyond glorious. Hm…if these are retail I see a graduation gift heading my way. I also love her shoes, I’m a sucker for neon. They remind of this pair that I wanted from Forever 21 a whileee ago.

    I like Amber’s outfit, the pop of pink tickles my fancy but those contacts have me feeling some type of way. She reminds me of a zombie.

    I just love Kim K. That girl can dress her butt off!

    Cici…I love those Louboutins. Can never go wrong with the red soles. Those & the flat version almost have me in cardiac arrest right now.

    I like Ashanti’s hair, it’s cute and so is her outfit. As someone said before the black tube top is appropriate for her charity event, she was working with kids. kids + hanging out boobies = no bueno

  3. I love Amber Rose. She def does her own thing and does it well. Great sense of style. …What’s up with the side head shave/cornroll look going on. Ashanti looks like she’s trying to knock off Cassie…who got the look from Rhianna when she went through her Michael Jackson phase earlier this year..

  4. I love all the outfits except ciara. I love the neon hues and rihanna shoes ARE THE BUSINESS! I think solange is coming into her own with her new cut….she looks beautiful!

  5. I’m glad Solange is rocking the haircut instead of covering it up with a wig (which she did before everyone caught on that she chopped it!)
    Kim’s hair looks good, I almost don’t remember her old black locks.
    I appreciate Ashanti for following the trend, but not going all the way by shaving her head. To be honest the shaved head look is cute, but we all don’t have to get out the clippers…it’s not that serious.

  6. Rihanna’s Shoes – Hot
    Solo’s Shoes – Hot
    Ciara – Not
    Amber Rose is trying too hard – Not
    Luv Kim K’s soft understated look

    I LOVE Ashanti’s hair and makeup, mix of accessories as well as the fresh mani-pedi – Hot!!

  7. I’m happy to see Solange is coming into her own with this shaved look. Although I’m still not a fan, she’s definitely stepping it up with these fashion choices lately. They really highlight her edgy look. NICE!

  8. Even though I’m not a fan of her music, I’m really diggin’ Ashanti’s style! her make-up is on point, I’m luvin that top, those ruffles are give that outfit major girl points, and her hair looks so cute. I’m glad she braided the side of her head instead of shaving it, the braids give that hairstyle a ol’ skool feel……. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ciara looks so plain, like she was chillin’ at home…but all the other ladies look Fab, even Solange…I usually do not like anything Solange wears, but that look is cool for her!

  10. cute looks for everyone! The brown chicks are representing. I’m so proud!! Beautiful skin, hair (weave) and smile

  11. let’s start with miss rih-rih….her look cute, yet basic, nothing THAT spectacular that we all are known for seeing her for but for a play it was still appreciate for the “African feel” well at least the bag and shoes were…lol

    solange….solange solange ya know with her I always found it hard to like her style. I understand that she want to be “different from her sister beyonce” but seriously it’s kind of like your trying too hard to be different. Honestly I feel as if she looks at rihanan and tries to make it to her own. Me personally I feel the girl is doing too much but I guess she’s trying and that’s all that matters!

    Amber rose is just miss amber rose. This look is nothing different or special unless you want to include her eyes. But the outfit itself is a look that has been seen on her numerous times and i for one am a tad bit over it? But I can say other than this look she does have a nice little style about herself.

    Kim- this look too does nothing for me. From my understanding her and Reggie have called it quits so I’m guessing the hair color was suppose to be a liberating thing, ah yeah not really working out for me. The dark hair gave her a more exotic Amazon look. As for this outfit, idk just don’t care for it. But I do like the blazer!

    Now miss ciara. ah yea……ciara…don’t really have much to say just plan boring she tired with the shoes but didn’t really do much for it… maybe if she pulled the hair up and threw on some funky ear rings or bracelet and rings something it just didn’t work for me

    Ashanti come on now i know u been out the music game for a min and just went through a recent break up but damn! MAGAZINES my dear they help. idk I just really wish i was there to have helped her out… i mean I see she trying to follow suite with the hair without actually having to cut it BUT i feel being that she has never really been a girl with a really style that is member able and that hair style is something that has already been done she should have came a little harder….

  12. I love Rihanna’s shoes!!! Who makes them & is there an affordable version out there? Thanks Claire!

  13. Ok – these comments we FUNNYYYYYYY!

    My thoughts – Rihanna looks ok – but her shoes are really nice. I have to say that Solange looks really nice – I too feel like she is finding her way in Fashion and into her won style – the hair cut really suits her. Ciara – BORING! Ashanta – IDK – she is just OK – yeah her make up is cool – but she is just ok. And like the other blogger mentioned – Kim should have left her original hair color that blonde look is very BORING and she no longer looks exotic – PERIOD!

  14. ciara no she looks ragedy rihanna jus plain uglt to me solange looks like the main character of every body hates chris and ashanti she can go no wrong shes beautiful i love her sh always dresses preety so keep hatin haters and amber heeel no shes not in da industry anyway and kim o ur face is too big for dat color starting to think ur tryna be like carma electra not ur ugly n ur but is so damn fake it doesnt makes any sense ur thighs dont match ur but lol dere to skinny so yeah ur but is fake

  15. Here is whats hot:

    Solange earrring
    RIRI- the whole pack is hot
    Kim-looks sexy and simple
    Ashanti- Super hot

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