Last night stars came out for one of the hottest annual events of the season, the MTV Video Music Awards.

With a scintillating Michael Jackson tribute, hip shaking Beyoncé performance, and a requisite Kanye outburst, it was certainly an entertaining show. Let’s take a look at how the stars flossed on the carpet:

Beyonce MTV Video music Awards

The ever classy Diva Beyonce looked ravishing in a red mini dress with ruffles outlining her shoulder and neckline. Large silver earrings, stacked diamond bangles, and pointy toed satin pumps completed the simple look. While the idea and design of the dress are quite hot, something about the pull of the mini makes me go hmm…perhaps a quick trip to the tailor could have afforded a more forgiving thus flattering fit…

Solange Knowles Video Music Awards

Younger sister Solange Knowles looked delightfully sophisticated in a one shoulder Armand Basi One black dress with dramatic shoulder and hem details. Solange’s dress speaks to her fun personality, and everything from her unique look to her bold silver earrings, platform pumps, understated clutch, and neon manicure were hot!

Alicia Keys MTV Video Music Awards

Alicia Keys wore black as well, glittering in a black and silver sequined Dolce & Gabbana shift topped off with strappy sandals. Alicia tends to go for grecian gowns in these situations, so I appreciate her switching it up a bit and going for something more youthful and event appropriate. Also, love how her black and silver bangles and large hoops complement her dress.

Keri Hilson MTV Video Music Awards

Keri Hilson offered her interpretation of a chic black red carpet look with a plunging zip front jumpsuit with white embellished shoulder details. While I don’t *love* the onesie, Keri manages to pull it off, making the outfit hot with the help of large earrings, a slick hairstyle, and black accessories.


Jennifer Lopez wore a Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 champagne dress, accessorizing the unique piece with Christian Louboutin peep toe ankle boots with a print stiletto heel. Marc Jacobs is a design genius, but I think this dress could have done without the velvet sleeves and neck tie, shining instead as a strapless stunner. That aside, the look gets an A for originality, and J. Lo’s smouldering makeup and withering stare can make anything hot!


Adrienne Baillon went for cute in a long sleeve yellow and pink print dress with silver necklaces, glittering bracelets, and roomy suede boots. I’m a sucker for yellow, so I adore her dress, but hmm…I think a pair of platform pumps would have accentuated her gams a bit more and added instead of detracted from her overall appearance.


Dapper Diddy stunted in a black suit with white piping, fleshed out with a black shirt and white tie. Guys, if you ever need suggestions on how to switch up your typical suit, look to Diddy. He looks simple, yet distinctly hot.

Kanye West Amber Rose MTV Video Music Awards

Lastly, headline making couple Kanye West and Amber Rose showed up rocking some of their signatures– spandex and heels for Amber, and a bottle of Hennessy for Kanye West. While the attractive duo looked…predictable for the casual awards show, all was overshadowed by Kanye’s questionable on stage antics. A fun somewhat fashionable prop loses its luster when the wearer doesn’t quite know how to handle it in public…hmm…

What do you think Bombshells?


11 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. this will be the first time i have ever made this comment…i hate what amber rose is wearing!! it is gross and the jewelry makes it worse. she shoulda just wore the star trek gear…yuck///follow me on twitter msebbie09

  2. I love Kanye like cooked food, but Amber is wearing on my nerves with the spandex. Mariah Carey loves spandex, but she’s not a fashion icon and actually has TALENT. Amber Rose only has her looks going for her, so she needs to try a little harder and push the envelope. Perhaps hire Rihanna’s stylist?

  3. Bey is looking lovely as usually, she is always the best! Solange’s look isn’t that bad, her makeup is awful. Keri is once again trying too hard, she needs a new stylist. Adrienne and Alicia look like they got their dresses in the kiddie section. Amber has no style to begin with so I’m not surprised she looks like a hot mess. Not a Diddy fan, but he really knows how to pull off a suit well.

  4. Agree with all. Amber looks stank! And J.Lo made a wrong move with that dress. Those velveteen sleeves are killing me!

  5. Amber..i love you but enough with the spandex..yes you have a nice body…we have seen it a million times. Time to switch it up before you become another Amanda Bynes.
    Beyonce’s hair always kills it for me. Nice dress tho.
    Not feeling Kerry’s ‘fit
    Dont like J.Lo’s either but her face is divine.
    Adrienne Bailon *confused*

  6. I heart Bey’s dress. In purple I would so rock it, but I probably can’t afford it.

    Everyone else looks eh. Keri Hilson has gone downhill IMO. She is coming off as thristy (i.e. trying too hard to be fly).

    Amber used to be hot when she first stepped out, but she is getting so played. That look seems thristy too and her body is not the bizness. She’s coming of a big gump. I guess this is how you tell tha real from the fake. Amber Rose take a bow. It’s a wrap.

    Kanye, you make it so hard for me to luv you.

  7. Loves Beyonce and Solonge. Diddy looks hot, Adrienne should have worn better shoes, Amber and Kanye need to have a seat. NOW.

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  9. Adrienne luks very yellow gosh she looks very ugly she doesnt luk nys fashion don’t . But solnge knowles luks vry nys i like her new haircut and it looks nys .

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