Mary J. Blige came out last night to promote her newest album, “Stronger With Each Tear,” at Best Buy in NYC. To combat against the winter snow, she pulled on a pair of black Ugg boots with black contrast leggings, a slick black turtleneck, and a shimmer scarf. Dark sunglasses and a cute haircut added a dash of edge to her simple look.
Though we declared Ugg’s over in February, Mary seems to make the notoriously comfy boots look Hot!

But what do you think?
Are they hot! Or do they make you go hmm….?


11 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Mary J. Blige at Best Buy”

  1. I would have to say this would be a Hmmm!! If she wore some thigh high boots, it would of set this outfit off!! Still gotta luv MJB!!

  2. I love it! She mixes glamour with comfortable chic and pulls it off! It’s good to see that she can dress down a bit and still look stellar, you can’t wear thigh high boots everyday!

  3. Well, if the snow is still allover NY from this weekend, sista got to stay warm. If not Mary J is fly either way. Her feet needs a break too from all those heels.


  4. thats a big Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… That is to much black 4 me!!! i mean i love black on black and how amber rose pulls it off! bt this outfit dnt make sense at all its random as HELL(especially that belt)

  5. i would have worn a different shirt it adds a bit of blah to ensemble..and its ill fitted but nevertheless Mary’s my girl!

  6. Hmmmmmmm! Man, she had me until I scrolled down and saw the boots! I think a pair of flat leather boots would have looked much better. The scarf and boots clash.

  7. How about a bit of contrast with some white thigh high boots! Holy Sh*t! Now that would look awesome!

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