Cruising over at Stuff Fly People Like, I caught this recent pic of Keyshia Cole logo’ed out in a Gucci Monogram Spring Jacket:


It’s hard for Keyshia to go wrong: She has a cute style and the attitude to pull this off.

But something about logos in general makes me go Hmmm…

It’s one thing to rock a bag…


A hot pair of monogram shoes…


A hat…


…or even some luggage…


But at what point do logos go from tasteful…


To utterly tasteless?


16 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: Logo Lovin’”

  1. as a kid when you don’t have much and then you get a little money you want to show it off hard

  2. it’s actually not even louis vuitton (the garbage bag) if u look closely at it. that is…..i dont even know what that is! lol

  3. I’m loving the jacket. I think it’s really cute. It’s good that she’s a smaller girl so that the print isn’t hella overwhelming. Money can by you any label, but even on the wealthy over-doing it = tasteless.

  4. Its not that bad I’ve seen worse… like Brandy decked out in all LV from head to toe… that was a bit much, IMO.

  5. I’m not in to logos, with knock offs being seen everywhere who knows if it’s real or fake, and who really cares. Keisha is cute though.

  6. umm. whatever! Keyshia looks hot && the jacket is uber cute!!!
    one person said that the smaller print is better for her body && ii agree!!!

    logos are cool weather mid priced or high end. just in moderation… so as long as everything she wears with the jacket has a hidden label she is good to go.

  7. Ms. Keyshia Cole is lacking in the Fashion Department. I can even be a bit of lable whore but this chic is way over the top. Too much Designer Labels but little Designer Style

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