14 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Kelis’ New Hairstyle”

  1. I will always love her and she sort of pulls it off because shes Kelis, it looks a bit silly regardless. I know if I see someone else with this I will laugh, laugh my way home.

  2. That is a big HMMMMMMM! I usually like her style cause she is not afraid to push the limit, but she took it too far with that style.

  3. of course it will… maybe not the super long track in the back but that color? people said the same thing when keyshia cole had the two tone color && then everybody and they mama had it

  4. I love it.. Just the other day I saw a women w/ a head full of naturally gray hair, I looked over to my husband and mentioned to him that I wanted to dye my hair to look like that (I’m 30 w/not one peice of gray) he told me to wait for my time. All that to say.. I Love this look. Its soo outside the box. Why look like anyone else when you can look like you!

  5. i think its wonderful..not only because shes kelis but because shes being herself..shes a trendsetter..and at the end of the day originality comes from within..so who cares if nobody likes it..SHE OBVIOUSLY LOVES IT!!!!!!!

  6. no kelis! you looked beautiful with a short cut..w.e. I can tell for some reason that she’s not trying to get attention with her new hairstyle..she has always been a very different like that

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