Hey Fashion Bombers!

Vuitton here with a weekend roundup!

Either the paps were on some sort of a strike or celebs stayed indoors this weekend, as Hot or Hmm pickings were quite slim.  Perhaps our fave stars were secluded away, getting their beauty rest or last Botox injections in preparation for the Golden Globes next week?

Wherever they are, as they say in Tinseltown…the show must go on!

Everyone’s fave reality starlet, Kim Kardashian, was spotted doing some retail therapy and getting her mani/pedi on…

Very cute and laid back look for Kim, despite the pedicure flip-flops. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. I especially love the necklace and nautical striped top she’s wearing. All in all, hot look, Kim K!
Meagan Good came out of hiding for the Glee Golden Globe nomination party:

I’m elated to see she left those liquid leggings and YSL Tribute leopard print Mary Janes in the items of yesteryear pile. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the make-up (pink overload), but she is rocking this new do! And sporting a sequined off-the-shoulder playsuit with cute open-toed booties, Meagan Good seems to be on the right track. Hot!

One to never shy away from a flashing bulb, despite unsettling makeup…Lil Kim:

We all thought her style would have and should have improved after her cameo on Dancing with the Stars, but I guess we were wrong.  I got lost at the sight of this jacket that I almost mistook for the love child of Big Bird and a Siberian wolf.  And those boots should have been left in ’07.  Hmm…hopefully hiring a stylist was on her list of New Years Resolutions because she started 2010 on the wrong, pointy toed foot.

Lastly, Jordin Sparks:

She was spotted this weekend performing at a fundraiser for children’s cancer. While I do love her summer hairdo (namely because it’s unbearably cold right now), methinks she should’ve nixed the flower in her hair and the yellow sash under the bust of this gorgeous white gown. She looks a little too “summer wedding” for me, though her colors match the sponsor’s. Very lukewarm, Miss Sparks.
That’s it for now.  Who was your fave?




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  1. Meagan needs to work on her eyebrow game. They just look drawn on. And that’s definitely not a great look to me personally.

  2. Love Kim K, but her casual wardrobe is sooo perdictable.. black leggins, jeans, cami/top, and a black blazer.. blah blah..

  3. thank goodness meagan is back… i love her, but i agree the make up is TOO much!! lol… kim kim kim…. smh!!! what a waste! she was soo beautiful NATURALLY, even the implants were iight! but going MJ{rip} was deff a wrong move!!! NEXT!! Kim’s look is cool… lol, i agree it is a lil funny seeing her w/o heels on but she always looks good no matter what. nuff said! lol… Ms. Sparks is adorable, althoigh i would’ve opted NOT to wear the flower, but she is still very pretty!

  4. Megan’s jumpsuit is the business!
    And Kim…smh… too much plastic surgery will do that to you!
    Jordin has the potential to look great but she alwasy looks so juvenile to me. Her style needs to mature.

  5. love megan’s look…lil Kim is never cute anymore…reminds me of the aunt that wants soo badly to be young again…but she’s not. Jordin is such a cutie patootie

  6. I actually like this look from Meagan I think she looks great and I hardly ever say that…lol…I love the jumpsuit and pink nails

  7. Agreed about Jordin but I would say that little kids would definitely love it. I would have when I was about 11 hahaha :) Maybe she’s just rocking the theme.

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