16 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : It’s Rihanna Again!”

  1. I’m sorry but for the most part I have not really been into a lot of Rihanna’s “fashion” choices as of late. I feel like she is trying too hard to be an individual. In my opinion a lot of her newer looks are not really doing it..it’s just so extra that they must be talked about..not that it looks great. Sorry. I wills ay this much-I give her credit for looking confident in these creations.

  2. She looks great as usual! I feel as tho her look is getting a little too “forced.” Like it came str8 from the stylist and i liked rhi cuz she always exuded personal sense of style

  3. Here we go again…Rih is channeling her inner space vixen and has missed the mark for earthly fashion *sigh*.

    She seriously looks like a martian in this outfit. I can dig the skirt and the shirt, just not together like this. But i HATE those boots. Idk why exactly, but they just don’t do it for me.

    Regardless though, its good to see her out and about. Now if only we could get her away from the puffed sleeves…

  4. Please call it a comeback! Yeah this is hella styled but just like in high school your boyfriend breaks up with you and the whole school knows, you come to school looking your fiercest so no one thinks you care.

    She’s always had a stylist, it’s that she’s making a loud statement right now. It’s like, “I may have been battered but I’m not broken.” This outfit is fierce as hell, boots and all. I absolutely LOVE it!

  5. The boots have got to GO!! And if that “ring around the collar” wasn’t there with the shirt the outfit itself would be certified hot! But right now with that clown-looking collar I give it about an 85% The color of the skirt is outstanding against her skin, though (C:

  6. She looks good from the knees up…Not feeling the boots one bit but the skirt/shirt combo is hot.

  7. Straight to the point… the boots are horrible. The outfit is nice, would have been fly with simple but chic black pumps or slingbacks, the boots do make her style look a lil forced… like she has lost confidence in her self through all this media turmoil.

  8. I agree with the others, her style has been having me do “hmmm” a lot lately. Almost like she is trying real hard to be different but i guess that better than not switching up your style. Its either a hit or miss really with her. As far as this outfit goes, I like everything except for the boots, even regular boots I would have let slide but I hate that style boots especially for the heel part. I’ve seen that style as regular pumps too and didn’t like them either.

  9. Okay, Riri is now a mainstay on the “Hmm List”…this “thing” is just Ri-dic-u-lous!

  10. hate this look….skirt looks cheap(although i’m sure it isn’t) and the boots………ugh!

  11. Could FBD check and see if this is a straight off the runway look. Thats probably why we don’t like it … great for a fashion show but not too much as a individual look.

  12. Well well well Rih Rih this isnt a good look sorry ma but the boots has to go! I am diggin the dress to minus the big football shoulder pads..

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