So the Cannons hosted a Halloween Eve Costume Party last night and…Wowza!!:

In true Mimi fashion, the couple made TWO matching costume changes, from firemen to a chocolate chip cookie and milk combo. I could say something freaky about the last but I’ll leave that to your creative minds, wink-wink…

That pumpkin is a hilarious hot mess (and at the same time a seriously cool piece of art).
You know what? I can’t even hate on these two. Whatever people say, they look like they have fun doing them and leave the opinions to the rest of us. Loves it!
Happy Halloween, FB’ers!

2 thoughts on “Hot or Hmm Halloween Edition…: Mariah and Nick”

  1. I actually really liked it! They are growing on me….but just barely. They do look like they have tons of fun though!

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