I recently stumbled across this picture of Genevieve Jones from the 2009 Whitney Museum Art Gala last week:

Genevieve Jones Whitney Museum Gala

She wore a flowing satin navy jacket and pant set with strappy black pumps and what appears to be a swimwear inspired floral bandeau top.

I’m on the fence with this one!

The practical fashionista in me would say that bandeau’s should be banned unless they’re on the beach! But Genevieve is so chic, she actually sort of pulls this look off!

Genevieve Jones 2009 Whitney Art Museum

Your thoughts Bombshells? Hot! Or Hmmm….


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6 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Genevieve Jones at the 2009 Whitney Museum Gala”

  1. I totally agree Claire. If it would’ve been anyone else I would’ve given it an immediate thumbs down. But Genevieve is so stylish; she’s kind of working it. Ultimately I have to give it a hmmm. Bandeau’s are not for a night out.

  2. I’m on the fence with this too. I so badly want to say no, but something is stopping me. The shoes get an automatic yes though

  3. Her style has always been hmmm to me….I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about her.

  4. I totally agree with Christina on this one, I love her style and she makes everything hot! Most of us could never pull off that look but she’s doing it! I think the same thing about Nicole Richie, her style only works for her but I love it nonetheless.

  5. I agree with Q, she’s always a hmmm. Love the silk suit, hate the band-aid-thingy. This is probably the most chic I’ve seen her look.

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