9 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Cassie at Louis Vuitton’s The Climate Project Event”

  1. definitely…hmm. I’m not feeling the sweet pirate princess look. And she needs to stop taking style tips from Diddy, just because something is sheer it doesn’t mean it’s sexy. Maybe a blazer or crop jacket could have made this outfit look complete

  2. The skirt is adorable but I refuse to pay attention to people who have no “real” talent and get there way by “other” means….

  3. Its HOT alright–a hot mess! She’s a pretty girl but that big puffy skirt look awkward on those stick legs

  4. Very HOT! Blazing if you ask me. I would have done another under garment. Something a little more funky that would’ve coordinated with the green in the skirt. The babydoll bra that she is wearing doesnt work. (not to say that she needs to go overtly sexy) Nonetheless,I say this is definately a GO–for Cassie! Not many can pull this off. It’s funky and chic. Lose the catwoman nails, shoes are great..hair? meh..works for her. Overall, I say, HOT.

  5. I think her glow is fab, her wardrobe choices recently not so much. I can’t get pass the half shaved head

  6. I think this look is great! She played it smart by staying low key with the accessories since the dress itself does so much. I love it all, nails included. The only thing i would change is her hair, the half shaved head doesnt do this out justice. I like it. Very risky, very edgy, but more importantly, FLY!

  7. Ilk! – she does not impress me – Pretty Girl – but does not impress me fashion wise.

  8. She looks wicked hott!!! it’s funky and tres chic. Pink nails included lol

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