Beyonce and Solange are in Paris! Weee!

Solange will be performing in a few days, and Beyonce, Julez, and family are here to support. I haven’t seen them around my neck of the woods, but who knows…

Beyonce was spotted leaving the Balmain store in this outfit:



OK, aside from a short hemline, I think Beyonce looks hot! I love the casual rocker chic vibe she has going on…snaps for the leather jacket, soft cotton t, statement necklace, and Ray Bans. And of course she’s wearing a sequined mini skirt. It’s Beyonce!

What do you think?
If you love sequined minis, try one of these on for size:

21 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Beyonce Shopping in Paris + Sequined Minis”

  1. the stockings however are distracting me… whats wrong with wearing your legs out without skin colour stockings. It seems weird and old ladyish definitely not Beyonce like.
    What gives?

  2. Bey looks HOT! I just hope she dont have on those performance tights… why does she wear them??? it boogles my mind.

  3. WHAT YOU FAIL TO MENTION IS THAT THIS COUNTRY BAMMA HAS ON STOCKINGS AND SANDALS….IN PARIS…IN MAY….IN 2009… IN LIFE. Honestly “Beyonce” and “fashion” “fierce” or “hot” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. She tries SOOOOOOOOOO HARD to look cool and keep up with the Jones’ yet she fails miserably each and everytime. A little harsh you might say, sure you can say that but again I SAY- SHE HAS ON STOCKINGS WITH GLADIATOR SANDALS.

    good day

  4. UGGGGGHHHH I’m so tired of people wondering why Beyonce wears stockings…COMMON SENSE tells me it’s for at least one of the following reasons:

    1. they’re comfortable: keep you warm when its cold or keep your legs/thighs from getting sticky when it’s hot. Make your legs feel smooth.
    2. helps give legs and thighs a good shape.
    3. protects from getting photographed with cellulite or scrapes or all those little details that the cameras will catch, etc: most women have cellulite, including skinny ole me, and girls you know that when you sit a certain way or cross your legs a certain way etc it can sometimes show!

    so there, stop wondering and use your head! LOL j/k :)

  5. Hey Ya’ll! I was waiting for this Hot or Hmmm… I do love Beyonce but I agree with the comments above WHY OH WHY?!?! does Bey continue to wear stockings with her sandals… I know wearing high heels 24-7 can mess a sista’s toes up and stockings are a perfect way to avoid the rubbing in high heels but why does she con’t to have them on w/ sandals?!?! Wearing stockings w/ everything is very southern church girl to me POINT BLANK! Unless you are in the dead of winter don’t pull out the tights or stockings… This outfit would have been great w/out them…it is spring for goodness sakes!!!

  6. Beyonce is just not high fashion, or someone who is fashion forward. Just because you dress nice occassionally, does not make you a fashionista….. and that’s ok…..

    stockings and sandals, or stockings in general are a bit BAMMA-ISH….but i’ve been calling her a bamma for the longest….

    Solange on the other hand is the one with fashion-forward fashion sense…..i’m just sayin…..

  7. HMM?

    This look is NOT her! She’s trying too hard to be cool/trendy and it’s not working. This look is more Solange’s speed and that’s where Bey should’ve left it.

    The hoisery??!! *sigh* …. I don’t give a damn as to why she wears ’em… she needs to stop immediately!

  8. look is hot! period….idk why she’s wearing stockings….i guess one could ask the same of why ppl wear tights when they are for dancing or working out…or why one would BUY and wear ripped jeans…or why one would wear a half shaved head! at the end of the day it’s bcuz that person wants to…and fashion is firstly and foremostly about what u want…ppl tend to forget that in the midst of trying to look like everyone else! first rule of fashion: be yourself! those who matter don’t care..those who care don’t matter :-)

  9. If she is trying to cover imperfections then wear jeans, don’t wear skirts. Nude stockings rarely look good and to pair them with gladiator stocking is simply unattractive. That does not scream “I’m stylish.” Not to mention Beyonce’s legs are not so issue filled that she can’t walk around without stockings. Some looks are a no no & her stocking look is one of them. Not to mention her hair looks tacky. Honestly not trying to be a hater..just being honest.

  10. The stockings are a No No….She hired a new stylist and it shows.Her “New Look” suits Solange.She looks as if she’s trying to hard when she doesn’t have to.You may have the money but you can’t buy style.

  11. Not liking this look at all… I like the shoes though, just not on her or with stocking :( I can’t get with it

  12. All the ppl who are saying use your brain to figure out why she wears them or the first rule of fashion be yourself those who mind don’t matter those who matter don’t mind… I think you are missing the point the very fact that we’re here talking about her stockings instead of the outfit (which I actually like) means the stockings are an unwelcome distraction.
    We’re not saying she looks good cept for the makeup, hair, or clothes we can’t even get to that…

  13. Man, Beyonce` is definitely that B****! So much so that she has garnered fifteen comments on one site and it’s a discussion of whether or not she sould wear stockings with sandals. WOW. I can’t picture being so famous that I am criticized and judged for every little thing I do.

    Yes, stockings with sandals is not a good look and yes, I am a deranged, retarded Bey Stan, who loves everything this woman does so I will say the following: Are you wearing stockings with sandals? If you answered no, then why do you care if Bey does? How does this affect your life? Are your bills not going to get paid? Are you not going to be able to sleep tonite?

    Also, I agree with the early commenter that listed reasons for Bey wearing tights. Clearly, it is probably because tights hide her cellulite and we ALL know that y’all would talk about her like a dog if she showed an ounce of cellulite. So, at the end of the day, let her do her.

    Plus, y’all must have magnifying glasses cause I still can’t see dem tights. SMH.

  14. LoudPen: You pose the question why do we care? This is a blog where people comment and give their opinion. Fashion in itself brings forth discussion & as a celebrity you are automatically putting yourself out there for critique when you walk out the door-right or wrong it is what it is. Period. It is funny how you ask the question “Are your bills not going to get paid?,” when you are defending Beyonce as if she is giving you a piece of her profit. And if you can’t see those hideous stockings then you make have a bigger problem, that being how great is your eyesight?

  15. Hi

    1st of all I Wanted to tell Wow that u can buy style, look at Nicole Richie, past and present???
    For the tights issue, let me break it down to u guys. I’m french and May is a rainy month ,and it’s not warm at all sometimes it’s even cold!So cold that we are forced to wear our peacoat again!
    I used to be a dancer and reason why we were forced to wear tights 24/7 (literally ) was because it helps blood to circulate in ur legs and protect your skin. But also when the weather is so so wearing tights prevents from getting cold.

    But I have to admit that Bey is not known for her style …..

  16. I think that Bey looks very cute, and that this look is very” her.” She is all about “glitz and glam” which the skirt, colorful gladiator sandals, and statement necklace provide, yet she also goes for the “laid-back” and cool vibe, which we see from the leather jacket, loosely fitting tee, and Ray-Bans. I think this outfit is a perfect combination of her style presence.

    The stockings are negligible–honestly, none of us would even be able to tell she was wearing them if the camera was not zoomed in to her toes! Obviously, if she is wearing them, there is valid reason for it! At least she is wearing the completely nude variety…

  17. Given the fall she took on her last tour (and the scar it left) my guess, like a few other peoples’, is that she’s wearing the tights in part to protect her legs. She also might just be cold. I don’t like how they look but since her legs are a big part of her job, I can definitely understand using caution.

    @LoudPen: This is a fashion site where people can come to comment about issues like these. It is the perfect forum to debate such fun (to us fashion lovers) trivialities like the “tights or no tights” question. It’s not like we’re on having this conversation. Also, I fail to see how criticism about one fashion choice (on a site dedcated to fashion, quelle surprise) Beyonce made translates into you thinking we all hate her, or are hating on her as a person. I like her, too, but if someone thinks she looks bad, they’re allowed to say so without judgment about her as a whole person or entertainer coming into play. That’s like my saying I disagree with one of President Obama’s policies and someone accusing me of disliking him altogether.

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