Beyonce’s been making the promotional rounds for her new movie Obsessed, choosing well plucked dresses and shoes along the way. Last night for a Cinema Society screening she chose to wear a Fall 2009 Balmain strapless black sequined mini dress with quite the dramatic train:


I love black on Beyonce, but something about a short dress with a long train makes me go hmm..


What do you think?
PS Obsessed looks like it’s going to be so good! If I didn’t have my high school reunion, I’d be lining up to see it!

18 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: Beyonce in Balmain at the Cinema Society Screening of Obsessed”

  1. Definite “hmmm…”. I usually like Balmain’s edgy, over-the-top style, but I am not feeling this dress – at all. A super long train on a super short dress was not the best idea. Not only that, but the dress seemed too small, and fit poorly in the hips and thighs. Overall, not one of Beyonce’s best looks.

  2. she’s not good at taking directly from the runway to the realway…you could do a post on that!!!All the mistakes of her doing it. Wrong shoes…its even a little too tight. It looks Prom of 1986 on Bey.

  3. Someone really really really love Balmain. I wonder how their sales are doing thanks to Bey.

  4. I love the dress…on someone else. Beyonce has the special knack of turning something edgy into pageant wear.

  5. well said ^ (im just saying)

    the model is killing that dress…. love it on the model…not soo much on beyonce, she is such a bore

  6. yeah this dress works better on the runway… i think it may be the model’s shoes – i think the black pumps were a little bland with beyonce’s look.

  7. I think the dress would’ve been hotter if it didn’t have the train on the back. It just makes the dress look awkward. Someone said it looks like 1980s prom style and I agree. Not feelin’ it Bey sorry.

  8. Oh no, another black outfit!!!! aaahhhhh!!!

    Sorry Obsessed looks like a Lifetime movie I will watch on a Sunday afternoon. I do love Bey though, I’m a huge fan of her and her music, but movies – not so much.

  9. Much better on the runway. I agree that she makes hot pieces look like they came off a Macy’s rack. The dress would look better with stunner shoes and without the stockings. Someone please tell me why she insists on wearing stockings!? Her saving graces are that beautiful face and banging body.

  10. Maybe she’s got a little cellulite that she’s wanting to camouflage. That’s the only explanation that I can think of as to why she’s been rockin’ control tops lately.

  11. I don’t think Bey looks bad, hair and make up looks good…but something about the dress is “off point”.

  12. @ ‘i’m just sayin’, you summed up everything i have been trying to say all this time. lol. so true. pretty girl, but she is just not high fashion…..and that’s ok! every actress and female singer doesn’t have to ALSO be a runway model…

  13. i love it, i think she could have gone with a more elegant, strappy heel perhaps, but the dress itself is gorgeous

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