One of our favorite trendsetters, Beyonce, hit up TRL yesterday to promote her upcoming double-disc album I Am:

Wearing slouchy, patent leather platform boots and a strapless black catsuit with a tutu-like beaded skirt, Mrs. Knowles-Carter looks both sexy and cute in an outfit that made me go a little “Hmm…” at first but the more I look at it, the more I think “Hot!”
Agree or disagree?

29 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm..: Beyonce at TRL”

  1. I go with Hmmm. I would have liked to have seen some color and i am not getting the sequin tutu

  2. I absolutely LOVE what she is wearing! what designer is it/where can i get it from/is there a cheaper option? THANKS!

  3. i think it’s hideous and if anybody else wore it, they would be utterly trashed. a tutu? seriously? not. hot.

  4. I like it! The skirt does make me go “Hmmm” a little bit but she pulled it off nicely!

  5. I think it’s VERY Rihanna…and I think Rihanna would’ve pulled it off better. This is not Beyonce’s style.

  6. I had that same intial reaction…when i first saw it i was like great here she is in her true tack form and then i looked at the detailing and i looked at it some more and i was like ok i see ya Beyonce.

  7. B is fierce and I love her but this outfit is hmmm…looks like she’s channeling Solange.

  8. I say Hmmmm, only because the first time I saw this outfit I thought “that looks like something Rihanna would wear.” The outfit is cute I would just expect something um….different from Bee…but I love Bee to death so…that’s all :)

  9. I think it is the all black that is making me go “Hmm.” This is a daring outfit so I understand wanting some degree of safety with it in making it all black, but I think the personality of this piece deserves, nay, requires color.

  10. Sorry B, try again. Hot?-NOT. I think she needs a new stylist. I like a minimalist look on her, but she has no personal sense of style.

  11. I MUST say hmmmm…
    it doesn’t look like “her” ya know, looks like she’s trying to adapt an edgier style like the younger chicks in the game… not feelin it AT ALL, or that hump hairstyle circa ’03. stop it. Beyonce CAN do wrong.

  12. I like Beyonce’s style, but this just doesn’t look right on her. It makes her thighs look horrible. She’s been leaning toward Rihanna’s rockstar style lately and it’s not working for her at all.

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