Season after season, fashion week after fashion week, the Balenciaga brand continuously becomes evermore synonymous with the words ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’! Especially when it comes to accessorization. First, there was the garbage bag handbag that had fashion enthusiasts wondering whether it was a styling prop or truly part of the RTW collection. Then, of course, many had their opinion on the infamous Lay’s collaboration offering potato chip handbags

Well, the latest Balenciaga handbag in question is quite literally just that: a hand bag. The tote features an arm-length glove at the strap opening of the bag to help you sling it over your shoulder securely with a unique twist – certainly nothing you’ve ever seen before.

On Instagram, @mistergeorgeous commented “Yasssssss… THIS is FASHION!!!!”. Another reader, @theresonly1nlb_me chimed in to the comments section adding “I would. In the winter. On my rich lady vibe. Yes ma’am, with a hat”.

Not a bad point – with a built-in glove, the bag offers ingenuity and functionality! You’ll also be glad to know that it comes in black, pink, khaki and a variation of white. Evidently, while some think it odd and far out of their style comfort zone, others applaud the humour and irony behind these tongue-in-cheek designs. No matter how outrageous each piece is, this a result of Demna’s ongoing push to take Balenciaga out of the box; a playful yet realist avenue from an avant-garde fashion house trying to spark conversation. It’s what fashion is all about!

What are your thoughts? How would you style this gloves handbag?