Daddy’s Girl Angela Simmons was spotted shopping recently wearing a white tank, black leggings with knee reinforcements, and gold flat sandals:


We all know Angela favors the casually chic look. What do you think? Hot or Hmm…?

Oh and if you love her sandals, get a similar look for less than $100:


Left to Right:  farylrobin Wendy Flats, $80;  Cyndy Says Women’s Soul Flat Tie Sandal, $67.

13 thoughts on “Hot or Hmm…:Angela Simmons Shopping in LA”

  1. Definitely a hmmm, those leggings going into those sandals are the worst. She could have pulled it off if she wore a simple flip flop.

  2. Not!!!! There is nothing about this look that screams fashion. This looks like an outfit anyone can put together from the $10 store. I hope the entire look, minus the LV did not cost more than $40 bucks – geez.

  3. This look is a “hmm” for me. The leggings and the t-shirt are fine, but the bag and the sandals…not so much. Black flats, t-shirt and leggings, then “maybe” the bag could have been her accent piece.

  4. I mean she’s just out shopping people, she coud have did without the sandal. I agree with sun.kissed a simple black flip flop would have been just fine. and she still looks cuet for a day of shopping. She is confident enough to go of the house with no make up and chill clothes because she has natural beauty…if you plan on really shopping, shopping then why not be comfortable.

  5. But wait…. I love the sandal. HER Sandal.. where’d she get that, can’t find it anywhere.

  6. I like her exact sandal, who do you think is the maker? I dont like the cheaper look. Ive been searching the web, but to no avail? Any assistance anyone?

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