World stop!! Fashion icon Rihanna Fenty stole Coachella when she partied with the crowd dressed in a Gucci Fall 2017 Diamond Encrusted Leotard, Denim shorts and Gucci Logo Top:

The sparkly, diamond-encrusted leotard is partnered with denim shorts and a white Gucci logo muscle tee.

Rihanna rocked a pair of Fenty x Puma strapped sneaker boots that retail for $390 and $1,105 Gucci studded glasses.

She definitely shined bright like a diamond!  Let’s be serious now; who else could slay this look besides Rihanna?  I’d rock it, sans the leotard.

What do you think?  Hot! or Hmm…?


Hot! or Hmm… Rihanna’s Coachella Gucci Fall 2017 Diamond Encrusted leotard, Denim Shorts and Gucci Logo Tee free polls