Hood Celebrityy’s hit single Walking Trophy was on constant repeat over the summer, racking up over 18 million streams worldwide, and setting the stage for her takeover in 2019.

The Jamaican born, Bronx bred Bombshell showed off her sartorial side for a recent exclusive editorial for Fashion Bomb Daily, photographed by Kat Morgan, and styled by Raytell Bridges, with art direction and hair by Dante Blandshaw, and makeup by Deb Padilla. About the shoot, Hood Celebrityy said, “I feel like each look reflects a portion of my personality. This is actually the first time I was able to show the world all of me in different ways.”

Hood Celebrityy, born Tina Pinnock, is no stranger to style. Before she was making the club bump with her dancehall sound, she worked in retail as a sales associate. She explains, “The store was called “Capo Fashion” and is located in the Boogie Down Bronx. Capo was known for Robin Jeans, True Religion, BB Simons, Taverniti. I enjoyed working with the clientele as I truly love clothes. I learned to appreciate people from all walks of life. I also learned that everyone has something very unique about them and that fashion [is a way for us to express ourselves].”

Fellow Bronx Bombshell Cardi B helped Hood Celebrityy go viral by posting her song “Wine Pon It,” on the ‘Gram. “I appreciate Cardi’s effort and how much she believed in my music. I thank her for that.” Celebrityy adds, “[But] As far as any other collabs only the future could answer that.”

Her Jamaican roots permeate everything she does, particularly her look. She says, “I love Jamaica and my cultural heritage. The bold Jamaican fashion aesthetic shows up in my style as I love bright and vibrant colors. I love to be in coordination with clothes and footwear.”

In conclusion, we had to ask: What is a Walking Trophy? She says, “Walking Trophy” is [all about] women’s empowerment. The point is to make every woman feel and know she is beautiful.”

She adds, ” I came up with the concept as I was home working out. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, ‘I am a walking trophy.’ I was just admiring myself, but I was like it’s others out there that are walking trophies too.”

Keep up on Hood Celebrityy on Instagram @HoodCelebrityy, and get your wine on with her other hit song, Wine Pon It, below.

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Hood Celebrityy for Fashion Bomb Daily
Photographer: Kat Morgan @Icanonlybekat
Art Director: Dante Blandshaw @DanteBlandshaw
Wardrobe Stylist: Raytell Bridges @Raytell_Bridges
Makeup Artist: Deb Padilla @Deb_Padilla
Hairstylist: Dante Blandshaw Using True Indian Hair @DanteBlandshaw @TrueIndianHair
Manicurist: Barry’s Beauty Bar @BarrysBeautyBar
Yellow Look: @Chae_NewYork
Bodysuit: @Monosuit
Bodysuit & Jacket: @JunJieAntwerp ; Boots: @VivianSrendi